Monday, June 16, 2008

Five Years Hence

In the roughneck tarpits of delusion
as they asked me to prove myself
worthy of some compensation
or sympathy

In the shot-down boredom of empathy
when I realized everything was corrupted
and there was no place safe to stand
or register

As I paid the price for my wager
the cost of my own existence
in this dodge-ball shotgun choice of life
or living

I said your name
I showed my ring
I drew your face
I smiled
I walked home

In the uninsulated time capsule basement
at the moment of no regrets
limbs entwined in the vulnerability of trust
or deception

Naming that naked moment of honest exposure
elucidating the consequences
of each and every opposite action
or reaction

As we laid bare the price of admission
for a forever existence together
and the smiling lips irremovable from our faces
or bodies

I spoke your name
I made a ring
I kissed your face
We smiled
We were home

In the daily face of insanity
departing from reason love and peace
walking into false transactions of cash
or truth

My pen hacks at conmen weavers
atop a chain of fool-hearted power
trying to catch a falling leader
or star

As I fumble for my credentials
letters planted in compressed trees
and they ask me who I am
or why I matter

I say your name
I hold your ring
I see your face
I smile
This is home

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Intense. Been there.

You write, "when I realized everything was corrupted..."

Mine was more of a country song:

"Down the elevator of your future
I've been shafted."

Well, there is some hope, and I hope you don't mind the Greek reference below.
Friend of mine came back from Greece: "You think Canada is becoming corrupt? Greece is almost totaly corrupt, from the peri oikoi to the magistrate."

Geez. I'm starting to like Ontario.
Over here the Pakisani genglemen keep thumping their vest pockets to announce, "Important Documents."

Over in Ottawa, Foreign Affairs ( affairs?) Ministers seem to lose important documents in the arms of some biker chick

Ah Fraz Kafka. "The impersonal gods who rule us leave their trail of important document."
"Naming that naked moment of honest exposure
elucidating the consequences
of each and every opposite action
or reaction"

This is a very sexy verse Benji. The way Elucidating rolls off the tongue of the mind is...well jealousy provoking as it is one word in vocabulary I have never been able to use in a poetic content.

The entirety of this resonates so well with the walking man...and all who journey from pillar to post to find a way to home, family and a life rising new to be light.

Well, well done Benji...wanna come to the D and teach me how to write like this?
Ivan: just heard a program on our favourite radio station about american oil barons trying to do business with russian oligarchs and shaking their heads at the rampant corruption at all levels. but then, as my ghanaian boss once put it, "americans are no less corrupt than ghanaians; they're just better at it."

TWM: you are too kind. i appreciate it, but you need no lessons from me.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm really tired or if I just haven't heard of the word before, but I had to look up 'elucidating'. but now that I know exactly what it means I agree with the walking man on how it fits ever so perfectly in this poem. Before I say any thing else I must compliment your use of adjectives, or rather, how you string them together. the flow of this is also interesting, how it seems as if there is a shadow. the 'or. . .' gives it a new dimension. for ex. 'or deception' shows that even if there is a little, which there always is with love, that, although on a different plane, is still involved in the mathematical equation of things.

kung fu panda? I might have to see that.
it's a song! .. :)
where's the tunes?
I'm a poetic moron, but this, I like!

I do hope it reflects better on me, then on you, though... :)
And the beat goes on.
In a world where everything has a prize, I'm sometimes amazed to see that not everything is tagged with a price and will forever remain priceless & rare...
Noisysmile: you know i meant the 'or' more as an indication of the importance of choices, and sometimes being forced to do so, and sometimes the artificiality of such. But I like your interpretation. Maybe you can have both, shading in one direction more than the other, but there is always a little of both. Thanks for your comments. And Kung Fu Panda is fun, just don't go expecting any deep experience. Great animation though.

Foam: well, this is one of my less melodic works. I only wish I could write music to go with them. The tunes, to answer your question, are stuck in my head.

HOD: Thanks! I like it too, and me no so smart on the poems neither.

Lynn: ta na. na na. na na.

CD: indeed. and look at that, you are a romantic after all.
Toast: sorry to leave you thirsty for so long, but it always tastes better that way.
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