Monday, May 26, 2008

33 Today

Thanks Wiki, except for the Jesus reference and the one about the goalie. Those were mine.

Happy Birthday?

I understand the Irish like to pronounce 33 and 1/3 thusly:

"Dirty Tree and a Turd"

But it's still a good age I'm sure (though not for Jesus or Big Alex...)

Oh, is it your b'day too? cool! Congrats mate!
yep, tis ma bday.

Ant: irish sounds a lot like maritimer.

CD: tis, thanks. and yours too?! if so, happy birthday!
33 is also the jersey number of the best NHL goalie ever to skate up. a million blogger buddy points to whomsoever can give me his name.
Happy birthday sir, have a fantastic day.

Was the goalie Patrick Roy?
Happy Birthday!

I bet you're living large. Hooray for good news! I am sat in a KOA in Newburgh, NY. Big city tomorrow.

Did you see Patch's research?
thanks patch, backatcha! if you can swear on a bible (or on a richard dawkens book, depending on your bent) that you didn't google or wiki that you get a million blogger buddy points.

Toast: research you say? are you implying patch used google and/or wiki? serious accusation, i hope you have proof.

actually i was supposed to play basketball tonight but it was cancelled. m's outta town so it's me, moon and a big bag of chips and game 2 of stanley cup finals.
Patrick of the reasons the Wings had to stomp the AV's 33 times before they died.

I don't really like hockey, or any sport, but I did follow that series for a couple of years.

Happy Birthday Ben! Old manhood is now yours because teenagers will never look at you the same.
For me it sounds like converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit: Double and add thirty-three (roughly).

Exactly my age, but I don't want to think about that.
Happy Birthday. I guess this makes you a Gemini?

Perhaps you should have another birthday post when you are 33 and a third years of age.

Any excuse for a party.
TWM: yikes, how will they look at me, i wonder.

Ivan: you're one sprightly 99, my friend.

XD: the one-third century mark eh? sounds like reason to celebrate. that'll also be my grandma's birthday.
Though hockey is slightly embedded in my blood, I didn't know Mr. Roy has Tourettes. Happy belated birthday!
Thanks PP. Yeah, that's why he was always flicking his head back between plays.
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