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"In 1993, approximately 614,000 American children were physically abused, 300,000 were sexually abused, 532,000 were emotionally abused, 507,000 were physically neglected, and 585,000 were emotionally neglected. 565,000 of these children were killed or seriously injured. What is the relationship between these numbers and our culturally induced isolation from the natural world and each other, from the social embeddedness in which we evolved?” --Derrick Jensen

I'm hypnotized by the sunspots
flashing across the snow
it's a warning
this isn't a nature poem

I'm confused by the refuse
driving across the province
it's a murder
it isn't a straight line

I'm angered by the decisions
directed at black Nova Scotians
it's the corruption
this isn't a protest song

I'm overwhelmed by their power
dazzling smoke and mirrors
it's their warning
they aren't above circles

I'm humbled by the morning
marching down the highway
it's this community
that celebrates our survival

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WONDERFUL! I have found a new home away from home. My god, we could be twins. I have written an autobiographical novel. It is rife will all you've touched on here. I write short stories, poetry, but my blog is concentrating on the primary campaign down here. I swear, if MCon wins I will sale my house and come looking for a new home. For the monent I am writing about gender politics and vices. Come see me.

I'll put you on my favorites on your current post alone.
I find the thought provoking words on your blog each time I venture your way leave me wondering how to put into adequate words my response. Well this explains how I flounder .........
Utah Savage: gender politics and vices, two of my favourite subjects. welcome and thanks for coming by. it's nice to meet a like mind and another writer.

sometimes some canadians, including myself, get annoyed with the chatter of american lefties threatening to move here, sometimes i think, 'no, stay there, at least you can vote against him (whichever him is most evil in that moment), we can't even do that much.' but, the possibility of president john mccain is so absurd that i've come to understand the desire to leave. maybe a mass exodus is what is needed. maybe the whole world should just turn its back on these far right clowns running your country. maybe if we laugh and turn around, the power of those naked emperors will be mooted. and the rest of us can 'dance on the ruins of multinational corporations.' anyway, welcome.

Kissa: thank you, i'm humbled by that comment, glad to know i provoke thoughts. maybe sometimes the thinking is more important than the saying, but i always appreciate your comments and your visit.
I just don't get the attitude that so many people have about children. What are they thinking? And why are they so surprised when the kids act out?

We live in a weird world, friend! When GWB won the last time, the London Times wrote an article asking how how many people could be so stupid. I ask myself the same question every day. I just don't get this either. You have to understand, we Americans who feel that things are going so wrong are beginning to feel that nothing we do makes any difference and we get tired of living in a society that does not reflect our own values and would like to live among like souls.
Benji, as usual you have put the magnifying glass upon our cultural disconnectedness in a unique way.
Wow. Well done.

You really have something. There's a lot of people (like myself) who WISH they could write poetry, fiction, etc...
You have again said so eloquently what I can not express so smoothly...we had better stand our asses up and as one take our world back.


BBE: I do understand that feeling, most definitely. In fact, I feel it all the time. Even among my so-called allies sometimes.

TC: thank you sir. nothing if not unique ;-)

Rayke: well, we all gotta story to tell, or a few hundred. just a matter of writing them down sometimes.

TWM: well, that read pretty smoothly to me, and succinctly too!
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