Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Burning Bush

“Only one species on earth does not have full employment and that is homo sapiens.”
--Paul Hawken

Burning Bush

I can't believe
the directness of your lies
The sheer quantity
of your false strands
somehow you never got stuck
inside your own web
Death and Destruction
Those are your powers

How well you trap your prey
for their poison
A demented Predator
unaware of any limits
on its own appetite
Playing games
way over the ocean
trillions die in the suction.

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This is why so many of us have applied to citizenship to your fine country.

I will let you know when I'm blogging again. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.
Bush is not the only one. I wish he was, then when he was out things would be better.
Over here there is disbelief that so many people could have voted this guy to be President AGAIN. But then we Brits are not so clever either. Hey ho.
Thank you for your kind words on my post about Sarah. It meant a lot. I think one of the scariest things about writing a post like that is thinking it won't affect anyone.

I like that this poem reminds us of how outraged we still need to be. It is apparently so easy to just write it all off, get caught up in the new election, etc, etc-- but this is a well needed slap.
Just a tad solipsistic.
That's a big word, I know, like Marmalade,--but you have to let some things pass wihthout comment,letting the phenemoneon, uh, show itself.
Isn't that what the ancient Greeks meant? :)

Enemy: unfortunately, our hands are dirty here too. thanks for visiting and i hope you're doing well.

CG: alas, Bush is far from alone, he is respected by millions. but he is the most brash president i've ever seen, and a symbol of the things i'm writing about here.

kissa: yeah, i had that same reaction, and this time he seems to have actually won. 911 messed a lot of people up though.

PP: it was a very moving post, very honest, so i'm sure it had an affect on most of your readers.

Ivan: I know that's the general theory of writing, but sometimes one is moved by anger to rant. it won't win me any awards, but it says what i needed to say. and most of the awards go to stupid nature poems anyway.

I guess I'm just not salty enough.
Like James,Shaver Wordsworth?

Maybe I should "Quaff a daff."

Or Croak a Crocus. :)

Egad. March Madness.

I love that. He has such a vibe of evil about him, doesn't he? Do you have access to American talk radio? I'll see if I can find out how to listen to it. Over here, there is a conservative movement which believes that mainstream media cannot be trusted because it is all prepared by people who went to liberal colleges. So, they don't listen to the news, they don't trust it. They listen to talk radio. Well, I suppose you've heard of Ann Coulter. These people are idiots, there is Sean Hennesey, and Mike Savage. They scare the shit out of me. I can't even listen to them because it is so disturbing. I'll actually start feeling anxiety if I listen to them. Well anyway, that's part of whats going on here. I haven't been by anyones blog for such a long time that I'm going around and writing books on everyones comment section. Hope you don't mind.
I like the idea that Bush thinks he is the voice/sword of god, because he certainly acts like that, while it is entirley another's work getting accomplished.

Oh, and I got to the "Tin Pan Alley" explanation, too. Have a great weekend.
Hi folks, more HAL troubles, but a tech-friend of mine seems to have set him mostly straight, which is pretty miraculous. Never trust computer repair nerds unless they're your friends and working for free. Anyhoo...

Ivan: I think you know what you like, and have an appreciation for quality, and I appreciate that, and your honest feedback. It's just that this one's not really intended to be good, so much as from the heart.

BBE: Can't listen to those douchebags. Their cynicism is stifling, infuriating, annihilating, and fruitless. It's just not worth it. I'm familiar with their worldview, and I rejected it in my infancy. No need to re-visit it now.

Eric: I'll be by soon to check out your response and other new things. Good to see your smiling face again.
Ah Bush.

I'll miss you. So inspiring in your ineptitude. So many words of artistic greatness written about you. You will leave a void when you pass - kind of like the emptying of the lower intestinal tract.

You think McCain will get in?

F**k I hope not.

Ron Paul seemed to be the only republican talking any sense and he got torched in the early runnings.
I'm not in favor of burning him, per se. Life in prison without possibility of parole is sufficient.
Toast: i don't think mccain'll get in, but nothing would surprise me down there, anymore.

TC: not that i take the bible literally, but given his track record he's due to burn in a few decades. i think there's a spot saved for him next to suharto. prison, on the other hand, i wouldn't wish on anyone.
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