Friday, January 04, 2008

Z Magazine

Hi folks,

Back to my best of lists shortly, but first, some exciting news. A 6,000 word feature I wrote called Economic Emancipation: Ghana, Africa, the World; Debt "forgiveness" and the financial assault on Third World countries has been publised by Z Magazine, a fantastic "independent magazine of critical thinking on political, cultural, social and economic life in the U.S." My article is in the same section as Noam Chomsky's, so it's pretty exciting stuff.

The article will be online eventually, but in the meantime feel free to go out and buy a copy for $4.95, well worth the expenditure.



Great stuff.

Personally, I think you might be better than Noam Chomsky.
That "whole word" concept has left me feeling sorry for a lot of first-grade teachers.
In the old days, we had to spell.
thanks ivan. in my day, computers do that for us, most of the time. chomsky is one smart dude. but can he haiku?
Congratulations. That's excellent news, dude.

Now I have to find a copy of Z. Shouldn't be too hard in New York.
Congrats Benji. Z magazine is online as well:
Excellent news! That's always a great thing, having your voice heard on a large scale, as well as being published next to great writers
X.Dell: let me know what you think of it.

Thanks Tomcat, but I don't think the January issue is up yet.

Eric: thanks, it feels great. Hopefully just a start.

That's pretty awesome. Although I doubt I'll be able to find any type of "independent magazine about critical thinking" in Oklahoma (we're all stupid here).

Definitely let me know where I can find it online.
thanks, Rayke: the mag is up at and I'll make an announcement with link once the Jan. issue is up. It's a great magazine to keep tabs of online if you get the chance.
Most excellent dude! lol. actually I have been a Chomsky fan for years and i feel honored for you not because you are in the same section but in the same realm of thought.

Congratulations Benji.


Congrats, Benji.

That's fantastic.

Well done!
Mark: thanks my friend. maybe same realm but not same level. he's gotta be one of the smartest people on the planet.

Toast: thanks very much.
I've read Z magazine before. This is a great honor. I will look for a copy.
Well, consider yourself in that group--smartest people on the planet. Noam's had years to become wiser. You will to, all it takes is time and open eyes. Being next to someone is more than a physical location, after all. Just ask those who truly are next to God--they got there through wishing to be as wise as Her.
EOTR: thanks so much, lemme know what you think of it.

Eric: not sure i know anyone that close to God, but I get your point, and thank you.
Congratulations. A moment of synchronicity. I was trying to think of Noam Chomsky's name this morning and there it is...right on the blog. That is so cool that your getting published.
Thanks BBE, it's a good step for me. Glad to help with the Chomsky thing too ;-)
Anyone that good or wise knows enough to claim humility.

Keep plugging away though, and one day everyone will want to be reading your thoughts on the important subjects.
Thanks Eric, will do.
Wowza! Congrats, Benji!
I will keep an eye out for the magazine... there's a good indie bookstore down the street from me.
It's pretty much like I know Chomsky vicariously.... ;)
PP: yep, me and Noam. Choms, as I like to call 'im.
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