Thursday, January 24, 2008

Economic Emancipation

Hi folks,

Sorry I've been so remiss with this thing lately, with posting and more so with visiting others. Life has become very busy again, mostly work-related.

Hopefully I'll catch up with my regulars next week. In the meantime, Z Mag's new website is finally live and includes their January issue free. That happens to be the issue with my feature.

See Economic Emancipation: Ghana, Africa, the World.

Or click this image:


Shameless self-quote:

“The most valuable thing we've gained from our outer space explorations is that image of Earth, that beautiful perspective on our collective home. The most important things I learned from my travels through faraway lands are those ideas and perceptions of the place I come from, those other outsider perspectives on what I think I know.”


ps. for all you movie-maniacs, pls. note that i added a movie to my best of list - not sure how i forgot the journals of knud rasmussen.
Tried to access your essay, but the magazine seems to have subscription issues...cuts my reading off.
Which is too bad.

Yeah, photos of the earth.

But it is not alone.

They forget the moon.

The earth is married.
Love the quote, Benji. Sometimes real life gets in the way of what we'd rather be doing.
Very impressive. I planned on reading it until I saw how long it was. Ha. But I'll definitely give it a read later this evening.

Pretty awesome to see, though.
Ivan: strange, works from here. "if the moon has a sister, she's got to be you." -l.cohen

Tomcat: your new avatar looks like my new kitten.

Thanks Rayke, let me know what you think of it.
pps. i forgot another movie on my list: The Trap, a great 3-hour documentary linking modern academic science and philosophy to current political outcomes, much of which based on mass hysteria. so fascinating, check it out.
...which is exactly what I'm hoping for when I travel overseas.
Just started reading the article and decided to comment before I got overly wrapped up in it. Really interesting so far.
Back in undergrad, I would write papers just for the purpose of finding out more about things I thought I should know about. Third world debt was one of them. It literally blew me away, the reams of negative consequences and shady tactics-- and how we all just accept it. Frightening.
Toast: you're pretty much guaranteed to find it. I highly recommend hitch-hiking. Best way to meet locals.

PP: I humbly suggest reading 'The Road to Hell' by Michael Maren for new heights in cynicism on this point. At the same time, as indicated in the latter parts of my article, there is cause for hope, mainly in the form of southern/developing/cash-poor countries taking responsibility for their own development, working together as a mighty force, and starting to demand their rights. The movement for true and total debt forgiveness is also a growing one. I think it's just a matter of realizing that that political struggle is far from over. Now if we could just get an American government that doesn't think it owns the world, as chomsky asserts, i might become an optimist.
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