Thursday, December 06, 2007

Publishing Again

Hi folks,

Thought I'd share some happy news and a link to a great new publication, the third issue of which features the learned writing of yours truly:

[If you click on the above picture it will take you to the website. Fancy no?]
The article itself is not available online, so you'll just have to order yourself a hard copy. Look for 'Exclusive by Design'.


Cool! Great! etc
Very fancy indeed. :)
Awww shucks, thank you all so very muchley.
Learned fellow!
"the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." 50 e-points to whomever can name the genius who spoke that quotation.
Congrats, published one. Will you still admit you know us when you are internationally famous?
yes. but i may use psydos. you will be known as chomsky. btw, just got word that zedmag is picking up another piece of mine.
Congratulations on all of your publishing work. It's a tough accomplishment all the way around.
Good one benji keep on keepin' on.


Congrats, Benji! Excellent!
Eric: yeah, it's a damn slog, but progress is so rewarding.

TWM: you know it.

TC: I'm on a bit of a roll; CBC radio just read my letter on air on national radio [Sunday Edition].
You are on a roll, sir! Big congrats!

I tried to hunt down a free copy from my university library... alas, no such luck.
PP: I'm touched that you tried. I now give you a Loyal Reader Award.

I guess it's probably too NS focused for other provinces, or maybe it's just too new a journal? Feel free to lobby your local library though ;-)
Dang, Benji! Every time I visit this thread, you get famouser and famouser.
well, by canadian standards anyway. at this rate i'll have to move to LA.
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