Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hip to Your Lips

My hip first skipped when your lips quipped
about the history of fistery and so-called sex liberty
My shell was felled by the smell of pure hell
You told me what ought to be with the lies you taught to me
I walked through your talk of the cocks that you rocked
laughing at my chivalry and the women who'd forgiven me
You hypothisized and mythologized while my eyes apologized
because I was behind the times that bind and finalize
the free radicals acting magical with their Vagisil
while I'm insecure about my pedicure and quite unsure
if I enjoy these orgies before me You may deplore me
for being vanilla but I'm a thrilla not a killa
So sue my monogamy my romantic dreams if my love ain't free
to pass around and put down charge a pound at the lost-n-found
Not trying to hetero-normalize as I philosophize or de-politicize
It's just that I'm hip to partnership and my lips are for your hips alone.

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I want to read that poem out loud desperately, despite the fact that I'm in a place where I will be overheard and hence thought of as ridiculous.
OK, Benji, your love is not for sale, but can our ladies rent it? ;-)

Did you write this?

the fee radicals acting magical with their Vagisil

I'm assuming that "fee" should be "free", but this line almost made me shoot Mountain Dew across the room.

Also, "hetero-normalize" may just be my new favorite word.
PP: so funny you should say that, because I'm thinking of reading this one at a spoken word even tonight. maybe it's fate this one.

TC: not for all the farms in Cuba.

Rayke: yep, I did, and yeah, it should read "free", I'll have to fix that one. hetero-normalize is indeed a handy word, and when you start thinking about it you'll see how often it happens (hetero-normlization) in our media and everyday life. thanks for reading.
Should sound great read out loud.

Betcha the response will be enthusiastic.
Aw... Mrs. Benji is a lucky girl :-)

I agree, you should read this aloud. You can post your voice on your blog, you know. Gabcast will do it. I've done it. It's fun.
Thanks Ivan, the response was fantastic. The Hali spoken word scene rocks, and they're so awesomely open to newcomers.

Josie: Gabcast eh? I should try that. Do I need a mic?
Most impressive. Obi Wan has taught you well...

Like my Darth Vader impersonation? It should sound great on gabcast.

Seriously, this was a pretty good rap style rhymer. It had a good rhythm and also stopped on just the right note. That last line is killer--there's few other ways of putting it.
Eric: yeah, it went over well when i was up under those lights. i just put my head down and read like mad, nervous as hell, but people laughed at the right parts and whooped at the right parts and i got a warm reception from the hali poets, who are incredibly talented so i was happy with the outcome. maybe next time i'll do a longer one.

and then, in this funny life of mine, i spent today in the santa clause parade acting as a snow linx in a climate change skit. as buck 65 said, wicked and weird.
another great quotation to add to my recent list:

"In the end I couldn't care less about the response, beacause that's not why I write. I write because it's there in me and I have the ability and I'd likely go mental if I did anything else. I'm not writing a sentence hoping some conservative, petty dickhead sub-contracted by the Globe and Mail is going to get what I'm talking about."
--Joel Thomas Hynes, 31-year-old Newfy writer who just published his second book, 'Right Away Monday'
I love it! I'm not really in a commenting mood tonight - I've actually read the rest of them on the pge down to here and justified not saying anything because they were from 2001 - but I *had* to say something this time. Awesome! I wish I'd been there to hear it read aloud
thanks claire, would have been great to have you there. but i may take josie's advice at some point and put it online in my spoken voice. thanks for reading.
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