Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paper Cuts

Hi folks,

I'm off to Trana for a wedding; be back in a week or two, depending on various unknown factors. I leave you with a little political poem:

Paper Cuts

Let me wrap myself in this
warm blanket of cynicism
and curse you for these cuts
that you say aren't really cuts
when you consider the bottom line

After you slash the creative veins
of the arts
after you slice the walls
of small enterprise
after you jab at the women
struggling for equality
after you lop off the end
of this joint
the one that kept my eyes clear
and the pain of disease at bay

You know the disease I'm talking about
It's the disease of your corporate tax cuts
for the greatest polluters
and changers of climate
for the ones who sold Killex to my neighbour after
manufacturing his obsession with uniform grass
It's a more manageable kind of grass
if you kill everything in its path
including my poor nervous system

What benefits we could have had
from the other more chaotic grass
we'll never know because you
cut that research too
and the kind that could have got me
real justice like
the original inhabitants once knew

I curse you for your cynical fiscal butchery
and shake under my blanket
of cold hard rage

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Great poem, Benji, as usual!!

Enjoy your trip!
I adore your political poems.

This reminds me of a film I saw last night that I may blog about. It involves the very possible cover-up of massive slaughter of African-Americans in the early 20th century-- and the fact that people are too cheap (and too scared) to investigate it. Cuts indeed.
What Tomcat said.

I have a week off coming up. That'll give me time to do some more reading of Bumi and his adventures.
Very poignant Benji. Don't get me started on corporate corruption...
ah, unpc poem, me like.
Have fun Benji!
That old corporate government conspiracy...

Alive and well and chewing the soles off our feet. No quarter of the world exists beyond the reach of the beast's maw.

You touch on a lot of issues, but that one stands ahead of the pack too me.

Hope the trip is a good one. I'm sure we'll get to see the pictures.

Medicaid does not approve. Your claim is denied. Have fun at the wedding!
Hey, Benji, when you're in Trana, be sure to say Hi to Ivan for me.

After you slash the creative veins of the arts

My greatest beef...

Good poem. :-)
That was awesome! Until duality is gone, we will always have this cut-off from the spirit.
That was a terrific poem. LOVED the ending!

Hope you have a wonderful time.
I do like this one. I also sensed you were elsewhere. My psychic powers. Enjoy yourself.
Hi all, I was at the Canadian spoken word finals in Halifax last night and guess what? Team Halifax won! But as they say, the points ain't the point, so much as the poetry. Or something like that.
Spoken word finals?

Sounds cool. Is it better than a poetry slam?

I love open mic nights and slams, even if I rarely participate. It's been a few years. Although, I thiink I would do rather well now.
Thanks TC, been loving your primary surge of late.

PP: why thank you. sounds like a good film, what's it called?

Ultra: woohoo. how's Bumi? haven't visited him in a while, but i have to get back to him because i've got some good critical feedback to work from.
Bibi: aw c'mon, get started on corporate corruption, i can take it.

CD: it's all too easy with politicians.

Eric: trip was fab. pics will go up at suokojamin at some point. probably.
JR: fortunately they haven't cut that here, yet. They are trying, and if the neocons get re-elected, it may happen.

Josie: that guy won't return my phone calls, and he wasn't in any of the dumpsters I know.

BBE: our vision is skewed, we think the earth is ours to rule when we are its subject. we need a some sociological copernicuses to set us straight.
Beth: you are too kind.

EOTR: was it you put that tracking device in my ear?

Eric: it's the slam of the slams, slam rules apply, nationally. they should really do a can-american one, or a NAFTA (north american free the anarchy) one, so we can go head to head. Actually I've never had the guts, but I may do my latest post at an open mic next month.
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