Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am a rare and dying breed
I am the oppressor with a conscience
colonial man erected and fully realized
educated at your expense
fully aware of all I've done to you

Let me stand under your gavel and be judged
Let me make my confession on your turf
but because I'm so isolated
honesty is all I can really offer
my meek apology represents only myself

Perhaps you thought I was of the majority
but only the global majority understands me
my fellow oppressors only shake their baffled heads
like I'm some medicine man selling snake oil cures
to afflictions they don't know they have

My words bounce from their chain-mail
like rootless green plants with no market
they don't accept me as one of their own
anymore than you my victims do
this is the price I pay for consciousness

"It's the price you pay for privilege
for stolen lands waters and graves"
I'm told by acestors and murdered ghosts
but had I never surrendered my profits
I'd still be living comfortably now

I'd be surrounded by my fellow oppressors
drinking blood and eating flesh
until heavy sleep lands on us
There'd be no time to hear our victims
we'd be too busy re-writing the laws

but my foolish conscience caught me
and now this once proud virus
must beg for mercy like a common thief
in the vain hope you'll recruit me
to be a mole in the upper echelons

I'l accept whatever fate you offer
It seems I have little choice
but before you pass your judgement
know I am a rare and dying breed
I am the oppressor and the oppressed

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