Monday, September 24, 2007

To the Lighthouse

The lighthouse of the cousin who once dubbed me a 'Long Tall Drink of Silence' is out of commission now.

He left it soon after our visit of 1982. The job was supposed to give him time to paint, but its isolation and grave responsibility came with too much pay, which translated into entertainment unit technology (EUT), which ate his painting hours. So he moved South and started an art gallery instead. This according to Big Brother, who has clear memories of the early 80's.
Back at the lighthouse there is a giftshop in the lobby. The lobby itself didn't exist in '82, but Big Bro and I recognized the landscape instantly.

"Just imagine us running down these red cliffs and shores with the dogs. They loved the B-E-A-C-H as much as we did."

The girl in the giftshop said it was added about 11 years ago.

"Yeah, we were here 25 years ago," I said, disbelieving my own mouth. It's hard to believe I was anywhere 25 years ago, that I could have a memory that old.

We paid our $3 each and climbed 5 sets of stairs to the top, stopping at each floor to read the random posters collected by the various keepers over the years, from milk ads to almanac pages.

BB grumbled about the fee because we used to go up there for free, and back then we got to blast the foghorn. It was automated soon after our cousin left, and decommissioned a few years after that.
With GPS and other sensory equipment ships don't need lighthouses anymore. I figured if it wasn't for the revenue from nostalgic tourists the lighthouse would have been toppled years ago.

From the top we could see families on the beach, playing with their dogs.

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seems i'm writing a lot about aging lately. guess that's a side effect of coming home after being away so long.
An excellent, romantic metaphor.

I've said it before, but again, I'd love to live in one and be the literary beacon that guides wayward ships of thought around the rocks and toward safe harbour.

They stand for hope, and a lot more. There's tons of them around the Great Lakes, but they're half the size of the Atlantic lighthouses. Still...
yeah, would be nice i think, for a time, with good dogs.
Well I have to tell you this interesting fact. My husband's grandmother was born in a lighthouse on the most westerly point of mainland UK. His great grandfather was lighthouse keeper at various lighthouses in The Hebrides. One day we will visit them all and as some of the islands are very remote it will be a romantic visit to his past.
Oh meant to ask where is this lighthouse?
25 years ago? dude, I was born 25 years ago.. yikes! :p

Loved the pics... so colorfull, so blissfull...
Ah, the red earth of PEI.

That is such a sad thought that lighthouses may be obsolete. There is something so enchanted about them!

I think I'd work-over your opener though.

"The lighthouse of the cousin who once dubbed me a 'Long Tall Drink of Silence' is out of commission now."

You meaning has to be crystal clear here. Just a dash or a semicolon would do it.
Your cousin is out of commission?
The lighthouse is out of committion? See?

Otherwise, a lovely piece.

Love lighthouses. Love everything about them and have seen many.

Now to go a bit off topic, what is the title of the Secret parody on youtube? I can't find one from SNL. =(
Kissa: sounds like a fun trip. I do recommend making it soon, some of those lighthouses might not last. This particular one is on the east coast of Prince Edward Island.

CD: In 1982 I was already proving my incompetence on the baseball field AND the soccer field.

PP: yeah, they've become an icon of the old days.
Thanks Ivan. I see what you mean.

Beth: For some reason I can't find it on youtube anymore. youtube is being very cranky today it seems. But, I found it at:

Wow what an amazing day, amazing views, amazing post...
I know tropical beaches are the best... but something has to be said for our more pastel coloured shores of our temperate lands...
(only real disadvantage is the WATER is too damn COLD for swimming unless you're a genuine massochist!!)

As I said - a great post - Hi I'm just coasting through via blogs of friends of friends through endless degrees!... thought I would say hi... come by mine if you like.. you're most welcome: see you there maybe sometime... all the best 2u... from

Vol 2...
Thanks Gledwood. The water was actually considerably warmer than most of the beaches around here, we masochists had some great swims.
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