Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Supporting Our Troops and Honouring Those Who Were Murdered Means

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I just am depressed by all the state of affairs. I can't stand the footage/coverage today. The US is a mess and nothing's really being done to change it ... this includes the Iraq war.
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Farenheit 9/11 was on last night. It was deeply depressing.

I have lost faith in pretty much all media outlets except perhaps blogs.

There is no interfering hand of the almighty dollar warping the vision.

I feel sorry for the soldiers who are fighting for something they don't believe in.
When I was studying in Mexico the professors
smiled when I knocked the Aztecs for human sacrifice.

Beth, thanks for coming by. Yeah, the media footage/coverage is pretty bleak, pretty stark. But there is much beauty. Think of the thoughtful young punk who spray-painted that 'Love' sign in my Toronto hood, added beauty to all our days. Let's not lose hope over a bunch of media wanking whoremongers.

Yeah, Farenheit 911 pissed me off on many levels. I saw it in Paris when it first came out, and the French went wild for it, they were cracking up and cheering in all the right parts. But it left me feeling hopeless because I can't even vote in the places spending the most on the military industrial complex.

I agree, blogs rock. They are independent, and much more honest than corporate media.

I feel sorry for the soldiers too, even the ones who do believe in what they are doing.

Ivan: The Aztecs could be quite nasty. Contrary to popular belief, however, the same is not true of every group of humans in our history.

And say, what did you think of my play?
Ultra: the preceding comment, from the Farenheit 911 bit up to the word/name Ivan, was meant to be addressed to you.
I havent turned the TV on once, rememberances should be in silence I think.....
And we should buy your grafitti artist a drink, and a million gallons of paint and let 'em loose......
When are we ever going to catch on? We gotta feel the love.....
War will never end. I am old enough now to remember too many wars, I'm afraid, and they're all the same. And it's always the beautiful young men who die, while the stupid old farts sit back and ...plan more wars. It's just business.
Singleton: you said it my friend. an artist like that deserves to be heralded.

Josie: The ones who die are most often also from limited financial means, with too few options presented to them by the old farts.

Call me a rose-coloured optimist if you like, but I think war, at least this kind of war, will end. With the killing technology we have now it just isn't sustainable. Our species, despite many close calls, has so far proven adaptable enough to survive, so I think eventually we'll get it on this one. There is no one old enough to have long-term memory who doesn't remember wars of some kind some where, but none one has been alive all that long when you consider the geologic clock. Even our nubile species is millions of years old, we suspect. And it's only in the past few thousand years that we've really got into trying to conquer one another, let alone steal each others resources.
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