Thursday, September 13, 2007

New English (not a haiku)

A six-syllable word
Destroys my poor haikus


Would W. Somerset Maugham say
"footling"? :)
as in, of little importance? perhaps.

or, clubfoot = stutter, major impediments to characters and writers.

Perhaps he would say 'f-f-f-f-footling.'
I thought the little clubfoot banjoist in Deliverance was pretty cool.
As for Willie, he really did s-s-s-stutter.

if he'd been born in the 70s he could have been a one-hit wonder rap artiste.
No, no, no. It creates your poor haikus. It destroys your GOOD ones.

And thanks.
teehee, good point jeanne. good to see you, and you're welcome.
Count the syllables in Kerouac's haiku...I do believe his were more walking than this one, in their attempt to fly.

575 a
lottery number where
state run losers fly

nice one Mark, but the six syllabic monster got you too. yeah, i liked jack's little poems, but they weren't haiku either.
'Lot-ree'? That's two syllables, innit?

Thanks for writing a para @ TTCE. Been indescribably busy. Definitely want to co-write the current effort. Will do as much as possible in the next week. Until further minimal correspondence.

lot-ree is for sure two syllables. as for meaning...??

life's like that eh? always in the way.
Eighteen syllables isn't bad.

When I write in haikus, they're all over the place.

A reflection of their creator.
i think that's a fine feature for a poet.
Although you could work it into your second line.
thanks PP.
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