Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Iceberg

There are songs that remind me
of you
That you've probably never even
There are ways you are part of
That infiltrate the parts of me
I don't even know exist

There are memories of places
That lift us like a melody
and we haven't even been there

Yet we have

There is poetry in every moment
That I know you exist
Music in every movement
you make that I don't see
There's a dance in my subconscious
That I can't do awake
That you taught me while we slept
inches apart

There are parts of me you've touched
That no one else knows
That I don't even know
And they feel like birth

There's an iceberg floating our way
It won't even know what hit it

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What a lucky wife you have.
Good composition, line breaks and verse breaks seem to be in the right places. Expresses tenderly the strength you feel in your relationship.

I'm thinking big. I'm thinking The Titanic. In epic proportions.
What lovely words. Hopefully the iceberg might melt before it collides whether literal or metaphorical.
BBE: Why thank you. We both feel lucky.

TWM: Check, check and check. A good poem, that one.

JR: Titanic, bah, what a wimp. But my heart will go on.

Kissa: Welcome here, and thank you. That iceberg is in big trouble, believe me. The marriage iceberg is top-notch to date.
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unsinkable hearts
plying the blue seas
of this existence;

live on a life raft
covered with linens,
continental drift

lady Molly Brown
bids you both godspeed
as atlantis falls

the humanity...
Huzzah! A triple haiku with one liner ending.

Sometimes, I really do think sleep is over-rated.

But only sometimes.
nice lines, Eric, thanks for those. i wrote a series haikus for my uncle after he passed away. in fact that was one of my very first blog entries: 7 Haikus for Steve I think I called it. I think he would have liked it. I'm a bit addicted to my sleep, I wish I didn't need it. It so gets in the way.

Singleton: why thank you!
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