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Thinking Feeling

In a finite spectrum we were yin yanged to the personifications of logic v. emotion, thinking v. feeling, and I can tell you with heartfelt thought that in my subjective opinion they are both evil, yet in this case two wrongs make some sort of stab in the general direction of truth. There can be no victor because alone their fallacy is equal, and equally incomplete.

RE-A is a brilliant mind, a mathematician who can formulate numbers to predict any observation. “A good model explains little and predicts much,” he says. “Religion is therefore not a good model.” Hence the mystery is exposed and nothing is revealed, on we march like well-programmed tin formulas, enacting our functions and understanding our purpose, not wasting efficiency on other musings.

His flipside is a cross-country stargazer who hopes to cure the woes of the third world with crystals and play; it hasn’t occurred to her that crystals cost too much and the only toys their children see are the ones we no longer want, the castoff velveteen rabbits of our teenaged rebels. She dodges and deflects the unstoppable penetration of RE-A’s critical questions and sends them out into the cosmos with capitalism’s castawaste. She dances barefoot in the garden until her body falls prey to the poor posture of navel-gazing, and her 12 organic pill-a-day habit hasn’t stopped her headaches. Her 6-month dormancy can’t quite compensate for RE-A’s over-productive tendencies to predict marketplace pop-ups and help the hoarding rich folks blame Africans for their own failings, something she fails to question in lieu of non-verbal tendencies. “Let’s paint left-handed swirls instead,” she says, “and shake off our mother’s prenatal loneliness, play with our own inner child,” the one he could never see with his x-ray machine.

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I think the yin yang needs to flipped and re-arranged to logical feeling v thinking emotion neither right neither wrong but while all are honest none is truth.

Truth is as it knows itself to be honest is what we think may be truth. subjective v objective.

All mans woes and failings did come out of Africa millenia ago yet the RE-A's of the world seem to forget that there is 10,000 years of documentation that we sent quite a bit back while keeping most for ourselves universally.

RE-A model for me the mathematical equation for the ability of the weakest to survive then I will believe in your genius.


It's a shame that all codes of conduct suffer the fallibility of their need to be all-encompassing.

Except mine, of course;

Act instinctively and don't listen to anybody.

Especially when multi-coloured alien females are involved.
Trans-finite numbers, like the old computer protocol of X.25, lead to a new way of thinking about math.
You approach a phenomenon, touch it, just touch it, and it will reveal all its information.
Try .25 on your calculator. Play with it.
There is a computer language brutally above digital.

Maybe it's computers that we're talking about!

But what would life be without a little mystery? ;)
Ah, logic vs. feeling, the eternal battle.

I come from a family that is very much on the hippie side of the spectrum, to say the least. As such, by virtue of being on the scienc-y side in my job, I have been labelled the family skeptic.

It's funny, because I think I am able to span the two realms rather nicely.
I'm not sour how I feel about what I think about that. ;-)
Obviously I am a RE-A in love with and infuriated by the stargazer.
Did you ever see a movie called "Millennium Man" where a robot goes from robot to human over the course of two centuries? It's quite clever, because the transformation from one to the other is actually very subtle.
What is good about the yin yang is the little dots that represent the reflection of each counterpart within each part(?) Not sure if it sounded exactly right, but you know what I mean.

Once wrote on the bottom of a short paper for a highschool history class "I am the small dot of ying in the black sea of yang".
Trying to make nice with a hated teacher inmy smart assed way that always failed, and it indeed earned me a failure for supposedly trying to intimidate him. Can't blame him; I was a hellion. As opposed to a ruffian. Ruffians terrorized students--students and teachers could both be ruffians. A hellion was a threat only to ruffian teachers who lashed out at or picked on many students, but I'll just skip to various long haired students such myself and my friends, or the freak populace in general. Whenever I heard a drug comment layered under breath, it was defcon 1 and they needed to look out because it was not physical or emotional warefare. It was psuedo intellectual warfare--they made it psuedo, not me. It was accompanied by a raised hand and a straight face. There wasn't much they could do about it, even though they'd try to bust me. But what can they do when the vice principals all smiled or chuckled when they read the accounts and told me to ignore the teacher? What wonderful educational advice that was.

Yin yang dualism does have gradations, but yes, all too often, we as people--or as authors--place too much faith in it, one of the oldest structures known. It leads to dangerous narrow minded thinking. Evidenced in the news daily... Great posts as always.
peace out
TWM: beautifully stated. but i thought that evil originated in iraq.

Berk: there were some earthbound philosophers who shared your approach a few centuries back.

Ivan: i'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but i like the jab of your rough cuts.

HOD: it would be less frustrating and very dull.

PP: That spanning the two is a rare gift. I started on the T side and have swung F.

TC: teehee.

TR: you're in love? sweet.

Josie: haven't seen it. now it's on the list.

Eric: yeah, the dots are important eh? that's a good thing to remember...i like spectrums better than dualisms, but they too have definite limits.
I don't find utility in polarity, I dont think it represents things in a useful way to me.

Feelings are simply the complications that arise from our instinct to reproduce. Thats what it says on my last page, that I neither slouch toward some perfect sphere nor mirror damnation, none of that applies to what I think and neither do extreme constructs.

I think organic pillpopping is bit clockwork orange.
Lynn: Interesting thoughts, nicely expressed. 'simply complications' is an interesting almost-oxymoron. I've never seen feelings as particularly simple things.

I think that extremes do exist, as do extremists and other extreme people. without polarity, how do we describe such things?
It's good to explore these ideas. Like this. The dots add a bit of flexibility to yin and yang within the symbolism, but it is too symbolic and simplified, black vs white, and in the extreme form of the thinking, "if your not for you're against" can be logically pointed at to a dumbed down mass of consumers as 'right thinking'.

The spectrum is good. More flexibiblty, but I see what you mean about limiting ones self within a strucuture like that. Deffinitely not for a novel, but short fiction, prose, poetry and all are different and so relatively small, it's just cool to experiment and try anything, whether its undone or completely over done. Trying is the most important thing.

This was a good post, Vonnegut might even have commented on it.
Benji evil came out of and still emanates from the heart of man, the garden of eden was supposedly in Iraq.


Eric: what might he have said? so it goes.

TWM: the first civilization is also said to have arisen from iraq, after an 'agricultural revolution' which changed all gardens forever. this concept of civilization seems to me to be the source of evil. it has shed more blood than any individual's blood-pumper.
Brother you definitely get the last word on that.
sorry, i got stuck at "ying & yang"
Very cool. I am short of time this morning, I will have to come back and comment later. I promised myself that i would be yang today and mop my floor etc....(F***ing house! I don't know how it gets so messy so quick!) I'm coming up on a 3 day weekend so I want it to be caught up so I don't have to spend my off time doing it.
round and round they swirl, logic vs the heart, and its the way both dance that really makes the beauty.

So it went? Maybe.

I just liked the robotic nature of the characters. That reminds me of KV. He envisioned us all being programed one day, emotion purged in favor of single minded, "logical" design. At least many of his short stories spoke of this vision.

Actually, he envisioned us blowing each other to hell, more often that not. Ever read Gallapagos? Or Slapstick? They're great, but just not quite the statements as in Craddle, Slaughterhouse, or my fav, Mother Night.
TWM: i'll take a moment of ponderance.

CD: sometimes i get stuck too.

BBE: good luck with it - a good summer cleaning is a lot of work.

Eric: Galopagos is probably my favourite, it really nailed the human condition. the other night i was talking with a friend about this roboticization, about how parents are roboticizing their kids now, measuring their progress against other kids from birth, signing them up for all kinds of weird developmental classes to make sure they peform. apparently, some study or other deemed a bunch of young adults highly skilled in every aspect except leadership. they lacked the creativity for it, apparently.
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