Friday, August 24, 2007

Awesomely Original

As you can see in my sidebar, I've received two new awards, the I'm Original from CrashDummie and the Awesome Guy Blogger from Eric313. Both major honours.

It's tough to decide who to give the original award to because everybody's original, especially in Blogland [a term I deem to be superior to 'the blogosphere']. That's the joy of the medium, we aren't restricted by any gatekeeper BS norms. But anyway, I'm giving it to Ivan because I never know what'll come up at that guy's url, and he says what he says with great style. To paraphrase the great Justin Rutledge, even when he's full of shit it's music to my ears.

For the Awesome Guy one, that's easy. I give it to my long time (well over a year now) blogger buddy Ultra Toast Mosha God. He's got to be the friendliest blogger out there. Yeah I've seen him go into attack mode, but that's only because he was defending somebody. He's loyal like that, and he's as nice in person as online.

That's how it is.


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btw, i love the guitar on the awesome guy award. makes me feel all musical.

Thanks Benji!

I can say exactly the same about you. We didn't really have long enough to talk when we met, but I'm sure that can be rectified when I get to your neck of the woods - hopefully next year. I'm aiming for May.
Glad you got settled in. it sounds like you have such an exciting life! I'll have to check out the blogs you spoke of. Actually, I've seen ultra toast mosha god's blog, but I don't think I have ever looked at Ivan's.
Congrats on your new awards.
UTMG: excellent, our new place has a spare room. there is ample swimming nearby.

BBE: Ivan's a fun writer, you should definitely check him out.

Mytopia and Tomcat: thanks!
YVW, Benji, in addition to being most deserving.
ah ye old flattererrr.
Excellent choices for the awards, I must say.

Toast is a great guy! He stepped up for me once, and wasn't required but did so aynway, and I only knew him briefly. And highly understanding, when I got a story he wrote really sort of kinda totally wrong due to blogging until the sunrise...

Ivan I just became aquainted with, but again, great choice. He's a teacher, like many, and that is always great to have around.
Agreed my friend.
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