Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Latest Accolades

I've been tagged by sweet Eric with the Thoughtful/Creative blogger awards [see sidebar]. This makes me happy because creative and thoughtful are two of my favourite adjectives. Now I gotta pass this honour on to some deserving suspects, so here goes.

Ultra Toast Mosha God has a most creative and thoughtful form of expression, which is both dazzling and deserving.

Honeysmack always seems to twist my brain into pleasing new pretzels of poignancy, so she gets a nod.

Okami's 20 questions were brilliant, particularly an answer she gave me about fear, which was very different from the words of Nelson Mandela, but equally prophetic and perhaps more personal.

Naturally, there are many others equally deserving, but 3 is a magic number.

What I like about these awards is they are without committee. They are reviewed by a peer committee of one. So, while they lack the prestige of, I dunno, the Pulitzer, and the glam of the Oscars, they are more community-based.

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Yes, congratulations.

Ooh, I was so glad I wasn't tagged on a full moon. I hate coping on a full moon.
Intellectual work on a full moon leads straight to the jigsaw puzzle assembly plant.

That Ultratoast is a shameless copycat who copies other cats who have worked harder than him.
Thanks Lynn and Ivan. They gotta plant for that? I could make some serious donations there.

Berk, when will you and Toast put it to rest eh? Phasers at 10 paces or something, winner gets bragging rights and loser must sit around getting tagged.
I would rather use bows and arrows.

(my word verfication had 'orgy' in it)
what say you, Berk? Are you up for resorting to such primitive technology? perhaps you could compromise with WMDs at 50 parsecs.
Berk can't measure his own thumbs, let alone a parsec
as my old math tutor used to say, there's nothing more dangerous than an innumerate in a uniform.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww THANKS DARLIN'

You're so good to me :)
Congrats, Benji.
MissSmack: well you know, you deserve it.

Tomcat: Thank you, Sir.
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