Friday, July 20, 2007

Check Mate Crown Me King

Ivan has awarded me the Schmoozer Award. I'm not exactly sure what it's for, but it has something to do with this:

Schmooze: etymology: Yiddish shmuesn, intransitive verb : to converse informally : CHAT; also : to chat in a friendly and persuasive manner... transitive verb : to engage in schmoozing.

Strangely, the award itself has a Mr. Clean-like bycep and a ribbon saying 'community involvement.' Now I'm supposed to pass this award to five other bloggers. I'm a bit sick of the tagging thing, but since it's an award and a chance to recognize some good blogs, I'll do it.

Specifically, I'm choosing blogs of people who seem to have good and strong hearts, based on the nature of their writing. These are people who seem likely to be involved, in positive ways, with their respective communities:

1. Red Jenny: Not even sure if she's ever come by here but I enjoy her blog; she's got some righteous anger that I'm guessing leads to positive action, and her writing is nicely accessible.

2. Trevor Record: For being a vegetarian, and also for writing (very well) about the underdog.

3. Eric1313: Also for writing (very well) about the underdog.

4. Enemy of the Republic: She's a righteous and spiritual mother who has a definite political perspective, but also makes it personal, and community-based, and seems very honest and genuine in her writing.

5. Andy Kaufman: Staying on the parental theme, the rumour's of AK's demise are slightly exaggerated. He's a new dad and I admire that his priorities are straight. He also writes with twisted elegance.


If anyone knows how to put this thing on my sidebar so I can boldly brag until peak oil, please do share this information in ludditiot-friendly language.

I might be able to help with that - where on your sidebar would you like it to appear?
Thank you, Benjibopper. That's really cool of you to drop my name with all these vary distinguished bloggers. Now I have to tag five people too? I only know a few who would deserve it off hand, and we know a lot of the same people!

I too am a bit on the amish side of tech, and need a lesson in html. Especially from those distinguished writers who I share the same template with. I can't even put on a counter! Or add a last ten posts list! Or alter the xcomment thingy. Or post an award. Or the cool blip map...

Aye aye aye
Surely there are ones who are far more worthy than I for this. Thanks.

How do I even "pick it up?"
thanks okami. i'd like to put it just under 'there's nothing you could throw away we couldn't love' and above 'oh the places i have been.'

eric: yeah, sounds like you and i are at about the same proficiency. to 'pick it up' i just right clicked it, saved it to my desktop, and posted the picture. as for tagging 5 others, that's optional as far as i'm concerned. i did it because i figured it was a nice way to highlight a few good blogs and give them a compliment...
Why thank you benjibopper.

You know, I don't ever re-post these chain things or put up a banner but I appreciate the though all the same.
I tend to play around with the template of my blog more so than really understanding all the facets of the code. I can only offer potential suggestions as opposed to guaranteed solutions.

On your template, you will see the following code as you make your way about two-thirds of the way down:


"Add things to your sidebar here.
Use the format:"

Followed by:

There's nothing you could throw away we couldn't love


Place your cursor on a new line below the “ul”.

This may work if you type it as one full line into your template in the location you would like: (I couldn't type it out in full as a comment because blogger would not accept it)

img src

(*do ensure that there are no spaces)

If it doesn't work, then we can keep playing around with it until you achieve the desired effect – or admit that it is a really good thing that I’m not in information technology for a living.

I hope that helps.
Trevor: ah no problem. I don't blame you for not reproducing. Having said that...

Okami: no dice. I tried it with absolutely no spaces and got nothing. Then I tried it with a space after img and got a little red x, but no link or anything. Any other suggestions?
Perhaps try deleting the blank space between "src" and the equal sign??

Does that work then?
alas, no.
I only suggested that as it works on my template for posting my book covers.

Hmmm... I may have to mull this over a bit more...
thanks Okami. there is also the possibility that i in my ineptitute am muddling up very simple instructions. it's happened before.
Trevor Record,

You young whippersnapper.

You put up your schmoozer award
or I'll sic the late Marquis on you

I enjoyed your 8 things post below. And thanks for listing the other blogs you enjoy, too.

As luck would have it, my computer can't pick up attachments right now.
As soon as Josie finds a way to get to me, I will be forwarding a pdf to you on how to put your award up on a permanent post.
Very kind of okami to offer to help out.
Oh we word freaks--so glib; we can talk about doing something for ever and ever; but when it comes to actually doing it, well.
I envy people like Josie who do three four, five things with equal dexterity.

Congrat's Benji!
This post is some pretty good schmoozing and well done schmoozing at that.

These tags are tedious, I guess, but then you know what, they also express something to you about your thoughts and personality on line and that is a compliment.

There is no law that says you have to continue the chain just be humbly joyful at the affection someone has expressed for you is all you need do really.



Click on the icon on your desk or in a folder to open it. Then right click the picture that comes up again. This will allow you to save it as a paintfile program, or photshop, or whathaveyou. Do it and go to costomize page elements, new picture and upload the image of the html file. It worked for me.

Now for the rest of my blog issues. I mean, how hard is it to make a last ten posts list? About impossible, seems to me.

Thank you again. This was soem excellent schmoozing.
Thanks EA, glad you enjoyed it.

Ivan, I look forward to that pdf. I'm useless with technology.

Thanks Tomcat, I'm movin' on up.

TWM: I agree, and I take it as a compliment, especially in the form of an award ;-)

Eric: you lost me at customize page elements - where do I find this magic button? I appreciate the help, and I feel I'm close.
I just won another one of those from Unloaded (see Ricardo on my sidebar). I am flattered. Yes, Eric deserves it big time. He is awesome and so are you!
Do you have beta blogger or the classic template? Just download the picture of the award as small, then put it as a page element if you have beta (picture). If you have a classic, then you will need the code, and it has to go under the sidebar. I can show you how to do that as I use a classic template.
EOTR: Thanks and congrats, you deserve it and are awesome too.

I'm using the classic template so I guess I need the code.
At edit template, choose the element that allows you to add a picture to your sidebar. You will need to have copied a regular jpg, or photoshop verion of the Schmooze award graphic, and that is the picture you upload to the side bar. Its only an image, so I think you should leave the one you posted. There might be something inside the html of the award itself that is important, or maybe not.

Wonder what that could be? If so...
Thanks Eric, but I think maybe this option isn't available in my 'classic' template. argh. i'll fiddle with it tomorrow.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks Okami, I'll send you an email promptly.
Sorry, Ivan. I just don't do that sort of thing. Don't ask me why, it just isn't the way I was bred.
Good luck with your on going search to post the award. I thought faming it as a regular jpg would work. Sorry, but I did try.

UTMG seems to know how to tweek everything on his site. Maybe he would be of better assistance than I.

Thanks once again. I was honestly flattered and surprised. See you around, friend.
hey eric, thanks for the attempt - chaulk it up to my techignorance. okami sent me something by email that i haven't had a chance to try yet, but i will and we'll get there.

I have had a devil of a time putting up my own award because my son has taken a few shortcuts in getting all my novels up on my site, but here's Josie showing us how to do it:

Here are Josie's instructions on how to put up your award:

Okay, this is what you do:

1. Save the schmoozer award as a picture.

2. Sign In to Blogger.

3. Click on "Layout".

4. Scroll down a wee bit and click on "Add a Page Element"

5. On the "Picture" section, where it says "Add a picture frm your computer or somewhere else on the web" click on the blue box that says ADD TO BLOG.

6. From there you can upload your picture.

7. Click on "SAVE CHANGES".

8. You're done.

Give it a try.



Thanks Ivan and Josie, but I've got it up there now thanks to help from my wondercousin. And I didn't learn a thing. Actually, I learned that blogger is cheap and shifty with its bandwith.
You're so cute and lovely. You deserve this award. Congratulations! I'm a bit confused about the one that you've bestowed upon me though.

Do I knick the Thoughtful or Creative image?

Was going to drop you an email but you don't have one published. I'm if you want to drop me a line.
Twisted and elegance in the same breath to describe little ole me... I'm touched and appreciative of the mere thought.

PS The demise is still at arms' length. It'll take more than an eight-month-old child and two class loads of temporary immigrants to steal turnips from my veggie garden.*

* Huh?
Hey MissSmack: I think they are a package, you knick them both and feel free to proudly display them on your blog. I tried emailing a while ago - maybe your spamblocker got it? I'm

Kaufman: You deserve it. Watch out for garden gnomes.
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