Sunday, July 15, 2007


1. When I first came to Toronto back in 1997, fresh out of the brain factory and following the scent of a scantily clad woman, there were two men who saved me from mediocrity: RK and BC.

2. RK was a California long-hair who was just too cool for Canada, and rode me in his red jeep with the top down all the way to Niagara Falls, me shivering in the blind wind the whole way. We drank ourselves white as breaking water and had an early breakfast. He had the lumberjack special and I had poached eggs.

3. BC got himself a corporate banking job and filled two grocery carts with high-end liquor, half of which he fed to me over a high-stakes game of monopoly. He expressed shock at my choice of pizza toppings. "I think that's a disgusting combination," he said with the dignity of old money, before ordering himself a heart-attack-special.

4. These two opposite men teased me for my incumbent vegetarianism and general anti-corporate stances - they couldn't quite fathom such choices after what we'd been through together, specifically completing a degree in Commerce. In between laughing spasms we could all feel the chasm that was starting to separate us.

5. RK soon disappeared to all and everyone who'd known him up to that point in my life, and none of us has heard from him since.

6. BC became a father last season to 1.5 pounds of premature miracle, a real beauty. The mother claims she married BC because she wanted her liberal vote to cancel his conservative vote so they had to live in the same polling area - may as well be the same house and bed.

7. He and I don't see each other much any more - he's got higher priorities now than an old acquaintance and I completely understand that.

8. I'm free from mediocrity now anyway.

There you go TWM, eight random things about me (as random as anything can be amidst the organized chaos of intelligent design), with some added inspiration from Ivan. I won't tag anyone else so the chain may die, but I don't think anyone will miss it. I must say though that I did enjoy this little challenge. If anyone else feels like playing, consider yourself tagged.

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Entertaining narrative voice through out this list. Love the political commentary amd it's effects on friendship, and how in the end, that didn't matter, it was how they lived thier lives that dictated their choices, and why you are no longer in touch with these people who hepled you from plunging into the tarpit of mediocrity.

What do you like on a pizza, anyway? I'm the variety champ, but draw lines at jallapinos or anchovies. Did you know that peperonni is all grain filler, at major chains? Even a muslim can keep his vows intact at Little Caesar's or Pizza (the) Hut. Ask them!
Dang! Must be the moon for old friends~gone lost! isn't that weird how our psyche's go on a roll about certain things. i just had this very long deep conversation last night with Skinny about a very important now lost friend!

i love anchovies on a pizza! Is that a heart attack?
if you need any help killing the chain, I'm your girl.

I just hate chain mails, taggs, heck, I even got a "chain-rock"... the horror!
Fresh out of the brain factory!! Lol! You crack me up!
Eric: Artichokes, mushrooms, olives, pineapple if the mood is right. It was the lack of meat that got him.

Singleton: not sure about the anchovies, but he had something like ham, bacon, pepperoni, salami, beef, and a sprinkle of elephant tusk for 'vitality'. as for me, i'm in a very transitional phase right now, finding that you really can't go back all the way, though you may return home. many have gone missing, others can't find me.

Crash: need an axe?

Mytopia: glad to be of service!

What a tour de force.

Too good for old CBC radio: Not mediocre enough.

Brilliant little coming-of-age story, right inside the meme.

This made me think of Big Al - a former boss of mine.

I don't see him anymore, but he was a real character. Years ago, I worked for an insurance broker, and he always kept things light hearted, even when we were up to our necks in it.

He's the only man i've ever seen who can breakdance in a tuxedo.
You need to drink more alcohol, then you won't have to worry about remembering this kind of stuff - the dead brain cells will take care of that.

You may also forget some occasionally important information like 'The Idiots Guide To Rebooting Life Support Systems'
artichokes and mushrooms with pepperoni and garlic buttered parmasean cheese crust sounds good right now. I like a little meat on a pizza, but I hate when someone gets five different greasy and salty meats on one pie. That is unplesant eating.
The only tags I ever do are awards that allow me to honor other bloggers, but your response to this one was quite interesting.
Heh, I get a lot of ribbing over being a vegetarian as well. You know, I guess it goes with the territory.
That was thoroughly enjoyable to read.
Sounds as though you guys had fun while it lasted ...

Here's to your continued freedom from mediocrity!
Thanks Ivan. I know what you mean about CBC - I love their news and topical stuff, but they are a bit wanting on the creative side.

Ultra: I can't breakdance and I can't wear a tux. I did the latter once and apparently pulled it off, paisley and all, but I was 18. People between the ages of 25 and 65 should not wear bowties.

Berk: you're neither the first nor the last to bestow that advice, but at this point in my life I have too much respect for good alcohol to waste it, or myself.

Eric: Agreed.
Tomcat: yeah, there's something about making it an award that makes memery seem more legit somehow.

Trevor: yeah, but I found as I got older (why do I keep writing that?) people were less freaked by it. Also Torontonians are more hip to it than where I'm from. But, I've fallen off the wagon the past few years. I found it mostly incompatible with travel in the south, and my body type seems to be healthier with a bit of meat. Now I'm a meat minimizer, which is both easier and more fun...the issue of moral eating can get very complex, so I hope it doesn't confuse the issue if I just say that meat minimization is also more in tune with my values.

Ms. Smack: Why thank you!
Bibi: and to a life less ordinary than those cursed joneses!
Benji, I think you're right about that.
darn tootin'.
Wiretap Mag
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