Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New Metaphor

Striving for the new metaphor
tipped by agents of Balkan wars
Could be tricks treason lies deceit
bitter memories of defeat
that motivated liars' tongues
sadistic playboys having fun
tempting me with the holy grail
of every hack soaked in ale

Pen paper high school diploma
heartache tales of hitching Roma
cancerous insides express style
become art in lonely exile
if coupled with concepts worth ink
changing the way that people think

Without the shift from oppression
it's a meaningless expression
the holy grail an illusion
its dreamer filled with delusion
as the new metaphor draws near
see its hollow vaccuous cheer


I love the line
Pen paper high school diploma!

You think life's gonna be easy when you're still in school - and then you realize it's more like
University diploma - pen - paper - unemployment agency


Great site BTW
sorry, but my mind keep on driting to "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" whenever I read "Holy Grail"

Hey, Benji, Thabnks for your visit to my place and your comments there. You have talent, my friend!
Too true HOD, too true, though sometimes unemployment suits me. Not now though. Anyway, something seems to be drawing me to that conrad fellow; I read two books that extensively referenced heart of darkness this year (King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild and Soul & Soil by Alistair McIntosh)...time I picked up a copy myself. thanks for your visit.

Crashdummie: word associations, particularly of the monty python variet, are acceptable. thanks for dropping by.

tomcat: thanks for the compiment. I quite enjoyed your site, not the usual rhetoric.

We live in an age of metaphors. I heard the musician Simple Kid described as "Badly Drawn Boy scribbling with different crayons".

How much of a metaphor like this is the writer wanting to sound clever, and how much is truth?

Maybe the new Metaphor is the simile - less work in this disposable age.
although i know who Badly Drawn Boy is, that metaphor you mentioned makes no sense to me. it's a metaphor squared written by a square, i may bring back a classic metaphorical cliche. but i think the metaphor still has a place alongside the simile, or perhaps even above it. 'you're a pig' has more power than 'you eat like a pig', says more with fewer words. but this new metaphor i seek must have that meaning, it can't be some fancy pants music critic trying too hard to sound smart.
i meant IF i may bring back a classic metaphorical cliche.
I love the idea of art in lonely exile. How precise a means to capture that which is art to one and nothing to others.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love the second verse on this ... I've read it several times and think it's really powerful.
Benj... not much time... oxygen depleting... comment on prose later... TTCE story beckons for BB...

Ergo... metaphor.
claire: thanks, i kinda like that line myself.

bibi: kind words are always appreciated here. thanks for reciprocating the visit.

kaufman: botmobile broken, but benji will do best in a buick, i.e. on my way but slowly, busy weekend ahead.
Thanks, Benji. I try to call them like I see them, and although my thinking tends toward the radical side of progressive, I am not wedded to any point of view. With your writing ability, you might enjoy a blog called Dasef Central. You'll find it on my 'Blogs I like' list, to which I just added your blog as well.
thanks tomcat, the link and the recommendation are both appreciated. i'll check that one out.
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