Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Irresistable Game

"It was initiated in 1991 by a Senegalese migrant working as an assistant to a wholesale merchant on New York's Broadway, much of whose business was with foreign clients and involved negotiating preferential exchange rates with local banks."

Here's how it works:
01. Grab the nearest book
02. Open it to page 161
03. Find the fifth full sentence
04. Post the text along with these instructions

-Courtesy of This is Me

maybe not as irrestistable as I thought.
"Ask him."
I'm totally using this as a bonus post later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
I just tried this with the bible.
But t'was too much of porn. To post it.
I like it enough to attack it with an open mind and a moistened thumb and index finger.

Know you the significance of the 161st page and 5th line? It's the sort of detail that'll keep me up at night longer than I'd like. Although, I'm about to begin the second half of a double shift so I could be okay tonight.
Mine was too boring to post:
"I know the group was waiting to hear from Phillip."
Toast: short and ambiguous, I like it.

Mob: Feel free!

Roetngen: LOVED the bible.

Kaufman: Good luck with both quests. As for significance: 1+6+1+5 = 13; 1+3= 4, which is the square root of my lucky number. Need I say more?

PP: That Phillip is always leaving the group in suspense!
"Joseph grew grave, and narrowed his eyes."
ooh baby, something bad's about to happen!
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