Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Montreal far from the Rain (with anecdotes)

It was one of those great still crazy after all...weekends, lots of reminiscances, digging up the dirt, catching up, bringing out all the old stories, laughing like old times. And, experimenting with the new camera:

Along the pier, in front of all these rusted out factories, we saw this beautiful little community garden, my wife and I did, as we strolled along, buzzing on coffee, on our way to meet my best buddy GB and his new old flame.

Next to those rusted out factories we saw this tugboat, the second oldest in the world, now out of commission.

Here we see the power of zoom. We spent a couple hours just soaking in the sun along the canal, me reading Tolstoy and M reading Canadian social policy. Nearby is a little market where we bought some sake to go with the evening's sushi. In Japan M fell in love witht the sake.

The midwife in the middle is a good friend who drove us to Montreal - she was headed to a midwifery conference there, and to her right is her friend, a trained psychologist who wants to work with the 'criminally insane' in med-security prisons.

Just a little waterfall along the canal.

Allergies were on overdrive - this is ragweed in the canal. Imagine what our lungs look like.

Pretty water.

GB and his new old flame (NOF) with the merry intrepids, a few coronas and a bunch of sushi in. NOF also made a fantastic Asian noodle salad for the occasion. In return she wanted dirt on GB and I didn't disappoint.

This is the family of a woman who my wife met at a course on refugee issues. They live in Montreal; we rang in 2006 with them and they are enormous fun; the little boy made it all the way to midnight for the first time in his life.

GB took us to his favourite Vietnamese joint, where I had a fantastic chicken noodle soup.

GB also gave us a little tour of the town. Here we see an underwater wishing plant counting its money.

There was a fire in Chinatown that left this burnt out beauty.

Back along the pier, lots of action in sunny weather, kids playing football (soccer), rich couples sipping martinis in their boats, tourists like us strolling along in the sunlight.

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Looks like a lovely trip. Any anecdotes from behind the photos?
Hey PP, as per your request, I have added little anecdotes - enjoy!
Nice pics buddy!
thanks buddy!
Great pictures! Next vacation, Iäm going to Canada... :)
ryc: the problem is, it always gets away from me... frustrating, knowing I don't even have my imaginary life under control!

Thanks HOD, Canada welcomes you (right PP?). Anyway, I see your problem, but in a way it must make life interesting. I mean, you don't even need TV, just turn on your brain and see what the folks are up to, probably less predictable than Y&R.
Look how happy you are with those noodles!
those are damn fine noodles my friend!
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