Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Extry-Long Weekend

Going to Montreal this weekend to visit the world's best friend. After several years in NYC with a good job, he took another good job Back Home. Then he quit and moved to Montreal - for a girl. Not just any girl, but a girl who broke his heart ten years ago. Foolish? I think not. I think he's the gutsiest man I know, one of the few brave enough to follow the heart. Besides, Montreal's a great city. So, leaving tonight to visit him and the new old flame - should be fun.

I leave you with something recently published by one of my favourite writers, a philosophical piece summing up some lessons from Africa:

African Social Evolution

Or, if this is more your speed:

Attack of the Flesh-eating Nympho-bots from Venus!!!

Happy weekend blog-geeks!


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The man has balls THIS big. That takes a lot o' heart. Good luck to him.

I will check out those links later
lol good times.

email me.

laters hon. by the way... always liked your writing. :)
I adore Montreal, so I wouldn't need much of an excuse to move there.
Love seems as good as any, I suppose, as long as it's not the only thing he is relying on.
Toast: the risk seems to be paying off for him so far as things are working out well for him there.

Yas: Thanks, much appreciated, and mutual. I'll send an email your way soon.

PP: He seems to be putting everything together really well there and I'm really happy for him. Montreal is indeed adorable. Unfortunately I didn't manage to eat any poutine this visit.
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