Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birds of Toronto

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So I take it this is your photography? Great stuff. I went to the zoo the other day and my difficulty in getting good shots made me newly appreciate how difficult it is to take a good photo. Having a digital camera with lots of features is the only thing that saved me. Anyway, looks like you had a nice weekend!
Hey you forgot the ever-present seagull...! :)
thanks BBE, yep these are taken by me, but really Sony gets the credit - digi saves me too.

ifreud, those sillouettes in front of the sun are actually our favourite feathered gulls.
Amazing pictures!

I loved the swan - but my favorire was the sunset one. I'm sappy that way... :)
thanks HOD, I can see you like sunsets by your avatar.
I loved the 5th pic! So colorful, energetic and wicked!
Stunning work my good man, you've managed to photograph all 14 birds living in Toronto.
Excellent pics, Benji, and such a fine lunch for a TomCat!! Yum!!
Love, love, love swans! We have loads in England, but very few here in the States.
When time for words is at a premium photos of birds will suffice.

It's been a motto of mine for years.

PS Tony Clifton is in the house (and on the Interweb). I made a couple of alterations to punctuation, namely the British style of single quotation marks throughout for the sake of continuity, but didn't touch anything else. I think we can lay Kate to rest, unless you'd care to begin part deux. On that note, would you care to begin another collaborative piece? I'm rounding the corner of busy and about to enter the oodles-of-free-time straight.
Lovely series of photos.
Except for the first one.
Because, as you know, crows are evil.
Thanks CD!

And thanks Trevor too :-) But I must say, the birds of Toronto are actually much more diverse than my little display can show. The Leslie Spit i.e. Tommy Thompson Park is a nationally significant birding spot, the perfect resting spot before or after their migration across Lake Ontario in the spring and fall. There are hundreds of species in that park alone.

Tomcat: we're living with a tomcat now who brings us the occasional pidgeon.

Bibi: yeah, something about a swan.

Kaufman: fine motto. I'll take a look at that TTCE site in a moment.

PP: tis no crow, but a tiny black singer with a pretty voice.
ps Kaufman, I appear to be running in the opposite direction as you, but I think I can spare some time for another collaboration.
Pidgeon? Ptui! Bring on the goof stuff! ;-)
the turkey looks the most tasty to me - and it's also my favourite of the pictures.
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