Monday, May 28, 2007

Tag, I'm It: Grossest Spousal Story

In a twist on the practice of tagging, I've decided to tag myself. Bopper, your it! Answer this question: what's the grossest story your spouse, partner or lover has told you over dinnertime conversation?

Well, let's see, that's a tough one. There are so many to choose from. Okay, here goes:

Back in 02 she worked in the prisons of El Salvador, where she encountered a strange and grotesque practice by the inmates of machismo, who were so intent on pleasing their conjugal visitors that they inserted ball bearings and marbles under the skin at the base of their penises using knitting needles. The nurse with whom she met showed my spouse the jar full of spheres extracted from infected practitioners.


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That's really rough, and over dinner no less. I've heard of the same type of crap among the Yakuza.
well, at least they are dedicated to their women.
Now this type of tagging is contageous. I may have to do the same to that Andy Kaufman arsehole.

As for the story, I could imagine a few 'grosser' things that coulod have transpired though that would be tackling the non-fiction portion of the context by deleting the 'non' part.

Say, about that piece we're writing over at TTCE, I've got oodles of marking to do over the next couple of days but I promise to make a dent thereafter. Would you mind finishing it once I've said my piece? That way we can have the first three-tiered TTCE effort.

you betcher marsupial my down-under partner in production.
I hope you weren't eating meatballs at the time
good thing there were none in my mouth when i read that comment.
Well, you didn't lie, that was pretty gross
ahh, sweet accomplishment.
So this is the self-tagging phenomena you speak of.
I may jump on... but only after I go take a few shots to get that awful image out of my head!
yes, go for it! you too kaufman. and let's all seal the deal with a shot.
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