Saturday, May 26, 2007


The more I considered it, the more I realized that the trees were right. The Marketing of products that we think we need but really do not is ultimately what is causing the destruction of the planet. And you can't be an effective player if you play for two opposing teams. What I finally saw was that Marketers and Environmentalists are on opposing teams, and to play for both is counterproductive.

So, there was me looking for something new, something different, and something that helped the world, really helped the world, rather than just making life a little more convenient for a chosen few. And there was J, telling me about a chance to do so, and how! In a manner that would take me to a part of the world I couldn't even fathom, to a place so new I wouldn't recognize a soul, and none would recognize me, a place where everything was new, dazzling and breathtaking, simply because I would be seeing it through a child's eyes, for the very first time. It was a lifelong dream, to travel, explore, and there had always been something in me that craved adventure, action, newness. A calling from someplace else, not the netherworld, but this one, so big and yet so small, and yet so unexplored by me. I had to learn more about this program.

I called the Department of Affiliations (DOA), and spoke with McC for the first time. She seemed a very pleasant woman, and answered my questions well. I had to get back to work, my productivity was already slipping as my boredom and disdain for my work increased. But when the deadline for application came, I wrote the best covering letter of my life and applied.

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I'd like to pass my eyes once over that covering letter. My agenda shall remain hidden until I have my dream application job confirmed (or otherwise) following a once-over said letter. ;)

I know what you mean about parties being in disagreement. Our beloved Prime Baboon has kept this country environmentally challenged for more than a decade due to an economic coloured rainbow at the end of the honey pot. It seems to me there's little to no use in attaining wealth - whether for yourself or your country - if you're too dead to enjoy it.

Greed is good. - Gordon Gecko.
wow, gordon gekko is your prime baboon? sick.

alas, the (in)famous cover letter was eaten by a dodo soon after my return from st. lucia. more on that later. i have since done better ones though - let me know if you'd like one emailed your way.
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