Thursday, May 31, 2007

HCBS Diversity

Perspective is everything - what's yours? Which word better identifies this image for you, dear reader?



You've coaxed a comment from me, below.
got your memo. it has been attended and responded to.
I call it hippie control.
Will I get tear-gassed if I can't make a decision?

I will go with insecurity - because there would be no fighting if everyone were secure.

This reminds me of footage of the miners strike shown on TV in the 80's. On the news, there was a clip of a picket line of protesters charging the police, then it cut to a shot of the police charging back.

In reality, eye-witnesses said the reverse occured; The police charged at the miners, and they retaliated in kind.

Perspectives, indeed.
anon, that too is a perspective.

Ultra, who was it said the only free press is one you own? anyway, i had similar experiences with cops and media back in my old protesting days. what we saw on tv after the tear gas cleared was never representative of what we had experienced. what was worse is that the issues we were trying to raise rarely seemed to merit any discussion by the mainstream media.
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