Saturday, April 07, 2007

Djibouti ma Booty

Let's go to Djibouti
it's 3x richer'n here
in Djibouti we can shake booty
we can really swing our rears

We can get down in Djibouti
with Americans French and Arabs
we can all go looting
find some terrorists n scarem

Two-thirds can read in Djibouti
that's 10 more than here
them terrorists got lost
scared dumb by fear

Allahu Akbar in Djibouti
it's a better brand of Islam
this may sound a bit snooty
but it's approved by Uncle Sam

It's part of the Arab league Djibouti
it's everybody's friend
except them Al Quaeda hoochies
in Somali holes smokin' ends

They love Eritrea in Djibouti
say foreign troops should leave Somalia
Islamic Courts are tooty frooty
let's just trade with Ethiopia

Ignore opposition in Djbouti
it's all sour coal
their point is really mooty
it's just 1 in 5 hungry souls

With a tiny population Djibouti
the absolute starving is small
environment may be kapooty
but we still know how to ball

Everybody's friends in Djibouti
they all just get along
it's the only place Djibouti
where Rodney King ain't wrong


In my high school geography class there were a couple of kids who thought Djibouti was the funniest word ever created... they would yell loudly in a sort of Jamaican accents.

"Hey mon, where do you live mon?"
"I live in Djibouti mon!"
"Oh yea, which part?"
"...the part by the beach!"

They would then proceed to laugh and generally disrupt things.

good times :)
Wasn't kapooti a famous writer?

Ah, yes, Uncle Sam's stamp of approval... It's the only way to truly know (that) something's completely f*#ked.

You've got the foundation for a major album release.

Maybe we can get together for a collaborative effort once our individual careers take off; I've been kicking out the jams with r-rated lullabies/kids anthems over the past four months. All I needs me iz a fake scar, faux mohawk and a remake of a kiddie tune from the '80s. Then I be set fo life.

Foa shoa...

PS Ha! Zoidberg!
I'm keen to know more about this. Perhaps we can discuss this at length if we get to meet.
JB: ahhh, memories of nova scotia, the dayz of innocence.

Kaufman: Tue, man, I believe. But I'm not sure that's the only way to know somethings (*#^'d. There are many non-USA approved @*(_'d up people in this very room. In this age of computer automation, I'm certain we can manufacture a long string of broken hit records.

Toast: You're on!
kaufman, my comment to you should have read, True, man. (not tue, man.) See, it's much funnier that way.
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