Monday, March 05, 2007

Never Planned

I never planned on you
Couldn’t shake you if I tried
I didn’t ask for you
In my heart loins eyes

You weren’t in my plans
You remain on me
Like planted contraband
Best thing happened to me

This wasn’t in the draft
March through dusty borderlands
And though I didn’t ask
It occupies my hands

Can’t see past the spring
Plans don’t come through anyway
Can’t count on anything
Past this god-given day

Make the most of it
Savour sweet sounding tastes
Please don’t rush through it
That would be such a waste

You weren’t in my plans
You remain on me
Like planted contraband
Best thing ever happened to me


I guess this makes Marriage a Federal Drug Bust.

Mm. Sweet incarceration
Very nice, I've felt that way at least a couple times in my life.
well put, Ultra, sometimes ballandchainage is sweet.

Mob, it's a good feeling to have, when the sun hits you just right and you are struck by just how good it can be.
Keep these shorts coming, BB. They have the necessary punch to keep us eager for more.

Love can be like a Rubik's Cube sometimes, can't it? You're pleased when you complete one side of colours but never feel complete until all the colours have been united.

I tried to complete that puzzle for about fourteen years. Then I met her. She showed me how to complete the puzzle without uniting all the colours.

In fact, I threw away the blasted thing and focused all my energy on her.
qwas there a rubix cube whiz in your neighbourhood? ever wonder what happened to that kid? anyway i likes your analogy; more to come eventually - been tooling all over this country of late, waving at elephants and warthogs and watching croc-fights. good times.
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