Friday, March 30, 2007


some out there wanna be king
rule over all that they see
subdue the natives and naives
control the world directly

me I’m more subtle than that
and I know where true power lies
it’s in the deceit of my brothers
and the implantation of spies

to say that knowledge is power
is so oft-said it’s cliché
but as years compound my hours
I take more care what I say

In this moment of weakness
I’ll toss a coin to you takers
The king is my pawn
Just call me kingmaker


One pawn can make a difference
Copyright this, udderwize it'll appear on da next Fiddy Cent album, G.
toast: especially when controlled by a master, or made into a queen.

k: damn, what a scary thot.
actually, on second thot, this seems more of Dra thang, G.
...Backstreet Boys In The Hood

oops, i meant Dre thing, as in Doctor.. BBITH Rats.
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