Monday, January 08, 2007

Best Albums 06

Best Albums I Acquired in 2006

This year I acquired 17 albums (a large decrease from last year due to another form of consumerism: travel). These are the top 4:

1. Fox the Confessor, by Neko Case – Canada’s new first lady of country music, a voice as sweet as Margot Timmins but stronger, incredible talent, and this is the best I’ve heard from her yet
2. Electric Soul, various artists – great compilation of little known B-sides from the 50s American soul scene
3. Illinoise, by Sufjan Stevens – recommended by my cousin Jon last year, it is an orchestral folkie tour de force, really innovative and sounds so pretty, with moments of Philip Glass and others of Belle & Sebastian
4. Valhalla, by Danny Michel – the boy wonder from Kitchener-Waterloo strikes again, a fun and light album with a few philosophic songs, blends smart lyrics telling great stories with a very original sound


An eye out, I will be keeping.

Hmm, Yes!
are you making fun of yoda?

i hope you can find some out your way, 3 of the 4 might be hard to find but i imagine sufjan stephens is abundant.
The Danny Michel one is easy to find online.

It's here :

Jane @ (which is the international Danny Michel fansite, that I'm running ;) )
wow! a bigger danny michel nerd than me, sweet. thanks for your comment jane. he's also got a pretty decent web site of his own, i think that's through the maplemusic one as well.
jane i checked your site and it's very nicely done!
Better late than never :) I just see your answer here (actually this is a bit weird... I know which time it was when you posted it... but no idea of the date or even year, ha ha !!!)
Thanks for the kind words.
You're welcome in the forums too if you wish !
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