Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pictures of the Past

1. Loads more pictures from Russia up at http://www.suokojamin.blogspot.com.

2. My mother sent me a great email, from which I quote:

Grandma brought a copy of a letter found at the Dublin House that was written by your GreatGrandmother Nellie's father (the sea captain) welcoming your greatgrandfather (grandpa's father) into the family and saying his daughter, Nellie, had made a good choice in the man she wanted to marry. It was neat to read - written in dec 1914, from Panama - his ship was the first sailing ship to pass thru the Panama Canal.

My father's side of the family goes back more than 400 years in Nova Scotia, which is a very long time by European-Canadian standards. In that amount of time there are bound to be some not so proud moments, like taking over Acadian lands after forcing them out. But, being descended from a sea captain who sailed the first ship through Panama, that's kinda cool. I also read a story last Christmas about a misadventure he had with his ship, a technological malfunction which led him and his crew and passengers to be stranded at sea for several days with nothing but one potato to split 8 ways. Perhaps that's where I get my love of travel, my bad luck with technology, and my tendency to come away with a great story.


being descended from a ship's captain is always cool.
Just to add one comment by way of correcting an error in your message; Those two separate seafaring accounts of which you speak are true enough but they happened to two different sea captains although both are ancestors. The Panama canal guy was your great-great grandfather but the shipwreck guy was his father-in-law so add another 'great' and you've got it.

These are great stories.
Well, make that descended from two ship's captains!

Thanks for the correction Dad.

Ultra, good to see you still kicking around these parts.
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Great Scott, Captain!

The questions need to be asked: how are your sea legs? Also, if faced with the scenario of splitting a potato with a ship of seven like-minded fools, would you exchange a swig of pee de jour for your portion of the spudado?
my sea legs are the stuff of legend and my sea stomach succumbs to nothing less than chinese food poisoning. when splitting a potato 8 ways it takes a lot more than a bucket of pee to pry my share away.
A bucket! Ha-har! That's funny coz now I know your bottom line.

I'm a four-bucket-o-pee man myself. ;)
four? that's outrageous!
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