Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Philosopher King

Dear Manpower
I seek employment
as a philosopher

with prospects for
upward mobility
promotions toward
the ultimate
of the industry
which is to be
one of the chosen
Great Philosophers

With such success
maybe one day
I will create
my very own
reality show
called 'What is Truth?'

I will not forget
who got me my start
the staff of Manpower
can be on the show
my Season One Sophists


'What is Truth' sounds like a great idea for a reality TV show.

See how I left out the question mark in the title to denote a statement rather than a question?

The contestants will not notice this because they will be selected for their ignorance.

Ignorance is bliss.

But not for them.

Ho ho!

Now that's a job application. You're saying here's a groundfloor opportunity to by stock in me.
Typical to go to "Manpower" to apply for a job as a philosopher, the most sexist industry there is left. I got a job on the shop floor at Wisdom is Us six years ago hoping to rise through the ranks. I'm still churning out prepackaged philosophy on the production line now. Whereas John X, is now smoking a pipe and drinking port behind closed doors, just because he's got a dick. I could host "What is truth" better than you, or any man. I even know the answer: it is all there is. And I got that off a dance record. Someone drag me off, I thinking I'm fucking "hysterical"
yeah ultra, stick it to the ignoramous.

scottie, it is an approach in need of a comeback.

indeed helga, this was inspired by a 1967 book called Ideas of the Great Philosophers, and it turns out they all had dicks. white dicks. One of the authors of the book, however, did not. which is what got me thinking that if i wanna be a great philosopher, i should go to Manpower. but in my defence, i don't think the idea is all that typical. you are most welcome to host the show; we could add some great elements of immasculation.
If only you could get a job where deep thoughts paid, or at least generated electricity. I fear you were born at least a hundred years too late. Jobs as philosophers, are, I should imagine, fairly thin on the ground. Am I right?
it would seem so. if only i could pull a rushdie and get a fatwa issued against me i'm certain that i'd win several prizes, which i could in turn hock for unlimited internet access and 10 pounds of coffee beans.
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