Friday, September 01, 2006

Aborted Poems

To all my aborted poems
I offer an apology

I showed you a glimpse
of a broken world
Made you empty promises
of the power to inspire
of the power to shape
of the power to influence
of the power to move

I lied to you all
like a literary philogynist
a lyrical ladykiller
before you dropped from my mind
closing your eyes, forgotten
like an infant's first glimpse of the light


thats just great! i have never heard of anyone who wrote a poem to their unfinished poems as apology.

innovative stuff. :p
thanks Yasamin, and thanks for dropping by.
Yeah, this is pretty original.

Big up to all my unfinished works, wherever and whatever you are.

I cannot remember....
*tips her 40 oz to her homies the unfinished poems*

heres the linkage.

enjoy! i hope it helps.
I sense it everywhere, and end to materialism. Thoughts don't come from brains, they come from the wind, and we must nurture them like changling childs. Your apology is not accepted. Now where will those poems go, but to plague the mad?
ultra, perhaps you've tipped too many 40s their way.

thanks for the link yasamin, i'll check it.

helga, if what you say is true the wind has some serious explaining to do. but the mad, they should thank me, because some of those poems had potential!
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