Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miia's Names Day Story

Seven celestial celebrities assembled surreptitiously; this was the cast:

Chatty Chandra was a virtuoso of verbosity, but despite her whack of words never let one slip into the skin unheard or unappreciated, for each of seven septillion syllables to her was like a sibling, a character unique in form and style, and such intimate appreciation for diversity was contagious.

Playful Pamela cart-wheeled onto the scene and pulled out a homemade set of silicone playing cards, a 57-set deck, each adorned with a cartoon character and a set of instructions designed to tease the brain, touch the heart and stimulate the soul toward a more sympathetic point of view.

Sexy Samuel rode in on a Siberian tiger and matching g-string, chasing chocolate-covered strawberries with cognac while pouring a hot bath of massage oil.

Jumpy Jerome leapt over Sam’s tiger and landed in full splits singing “the universe is a joyous place and all its life is beeyooooo-tee!

Meanwhile, looking up was Brickhouse Bill, and sure, he could have climbed to the clouds where the spiritual seven were gathering but he decided instead to pull the sky down to him in one HEFT - with endurance he was endowed but feats of pure power were more his style.

Unfortunately Dancing Dalia was just about to land a quadruple spinning back flip as Bill brute-forced the heavens downward. Her resulting over-extension ended in a head dive and subsequent spastic convulsions, and that’s how break-dancing was born.

Last to arrive in eloquent style always innovative was Beautiful Boisson, with her lips a-puckered sucking on a sour candy for effect. So overcome by that facial expression was Sexy Sam that he dismounted the tiger and remounted Boisson.

An orgy ensued and then later a bitty baby love-child. Well, you can imagine the reaction of Russian society to the behaviour of such lucky demigods; needless to say it wasn’t good.

Next thing you knew the little baby (Bitter Water – after Boisson’s beautiful candy-face and Samuel’s bath in sensual in-sensibility) found herself the darling of the otherwise practical baby loving Finns.

That was April 30: Miia Day.


This isn't a million miles from the story of my conception.
I think it's a million miles from mine. I'm guessing the missionary position and ninety seconds of bliss. I prefer Miia's Names Day Story by about two million miles.

Have I seen Sexy Samuel somewhere before? He sounds oddly familiar.
personally i was delivered by a large white bird with a pink beak and matching stockings.

TGA, have you been to the lion's den in halsinki? sammy has a gig there so you may have caught his act; it's not easily forgotten believe me.
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