Friday, June 16, 2006

A Question of Ownership

“The only thing we own
in this world is
our bodies.”
[No wonder rape hurts so
much and so long – to rape
is to attack/maim our
only true possession.]
[To rape the earth is to
attack/maim the gods.]


to rape is to attack/maim our only true possession

Regarding rape, quite simply: It’s a man’s world.

When religions that are dominated by men condone barring women from educational opportunities and from working, how far is this from rape?

When religious extremists promote gender apartheid, honor killings and genital mutilation, why should they worry about rape?

Man has the power; why not rape to exert that power? Rape is all about the power.

But once the “power” is exerted, once Chiron and Demetrius finish their deed, Lavinias and her second class citizen sisters become even lower. Who would want a defiled flower?

But I would have the soil of her fair rape
Wiped off, in honourable keeping her.

How fitting. We end up with the cliché of the “tarnished woman” being redeemed by the love of a good man. Man has the power to rape, and the power to accept, and make matters right. But still, in whose hands is the power? (Ask Anna Christe about those good men, and their imagined moral superiority.)

Sometimes the power ends in “heroic violence”. But not revenge by the woman, again, the power to exert the revenge is with the men. “Should our sister be treated like a whore?

I think the question of who has "ownership" has a pretty clear answer.
Rape is purely a moral construct.

There is no rape in the animal kingdom other than in our domain. Choose a mate and get down...

Consdier that.
everything is a moral construct. but there is rape among the human kingdom, and it offends many of my moral constructs. anon i agree with you on this issue {mark it in your calendar!) rape is indeed about power. and, as i have mentioned before, so often is religion. so are so many things involving humans.
As it does offend many of mine.

Rape and Religion.


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