Wednesday, June 21, 2006

On Being Alive

Five times I told her
“you are alive”
and walking two feet
above the ground
moving me and everyone

She told me:

“when you leave here I want
you to feel that feeling in your
gut – that twinge that says ‘oh
yes, life is great, and
it’s amazing to be alive!’
I want you to know I
think you’re amazing
I want you to know you
are incredible
But most importantly
I want you to feel that
aliveness in you.”

Can you believe she’s my wife now?



Yes I can.

Quite easily.
Zeus, at the bequest of Athena, sent Hermes to order Calypso to release Odysseus (Ulysses) from her “captivity”.

The nymph, reluctantly, agrees to the order from Zeus (who would not?), but, by a mixture of sweetness and unearthly promises she attempts to persuade Odysseus to choose to remain with her. She is, after all, a beautiful goddess.

Thy heart might settle in this scene of ease,
And e’en these slighted charms might learn to please.
A willing goddess, and immortal life,
Might banish from my mind an absent wife.
Am I inferior to a mortal dame?

Odysseus turns her down:

Loved and adored, O goddess as thou art,
Forgive the weakness of a human heart.
Though well I see thy graces far above
The dear, though mortal, object of my love,
Of youth eternal well the difference know,
Yet every day, while absent thus I roam,
I languish to return and die at home.

Odysseus then heads out on the ocean in a raft in order to continue his quest to return to his lovely Penelope, his wonderful mortal wife.

Treat your wife this same way. Let her know that you would brave the ocean, storms, Cyclops, nymphs, and whatever the Gods would throw in your face to be at her side. Let her know that she means that much to you.
That's quite lovely. I feel as though I've joined a wonderful club recently.
I most certainly can.

A common trait exists between guys married to women such as this. Without divulging too much by way of detail, the essence of it is found in the recognition of a timeless experience (mine was on a jetty during the first "date" while she was in a red dress; we kissed for what felt like an eternity without noticing anyone around us), clarity, and awareness of shared characterists (often not physical).

I'm happy for you. And I really mean that.
...And that's why I was led to divulge too much.

Damn it!

She still doesn't enjoy the majority of what I listen to, which gives me such delight.

We met at the dance cave in toronto, said nary a word to each other but boogied like a thousand sunrises on 3 planets. next she greeted me at the (in)famous el macombo, where mick jagger once picked up our prime ministers wife. she bore a sewn bag containing cookies, both of which she made. date the third was in a humanmade park jutting into lake ontario and we told each other the tragic beauty of our life stories, cycled around, made out. she stayed over. we have been cycling around sharing stories together ever since. i think learning finnish is at least as hard as braving the ocean. it is indeed a wonderful club. miia has a passion for life that is absolutely contagious, and i have never ever regretted my very early decision to be with her.
and andy, i have most enjoyed giving her a musical education. if only she could tune my offkey baritone (meaning my voice, not my big brass horn).
The tuning of said instrument is one of the best parts.

Am I wrong? Am I right? Am I black? Am I white?

Just ask Segue Segue Sputnik.


PS The anonymity of the vorld vide veb is not strong enough to keep likeminded energies apart, let alone those who were destined to be together. I expect mucho photos from the O/S experience, ja?
you are not wrong. you are right. as for your other questions, i will have to track down this sputnick character and interrogate him proper. i will get back to you. pics over at the suokojamin blog, as well as some damn fine writing if i say so, and i do. if erased true.
…strong enough to keep likeminded energies apart, let alone those who were destined to be together

Not to sound a bit like professor Stuffy with all this Greek stuff lately, but this sounds a bit like Aristophanes speech in Plato's Symposium.
(You know, the four legged human being split in half looking for the other half of their soul, hence “soul mate”).
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