Monday, June 26, 2006

Crazy Window

A creative well
The extraordinary beauty
of spiritual simplicity
I’ve known this all along
Known it implicitly

The window is demented
It’s so contrary
to all those lies
they’d have me believe
that I was the one
mentally undone

I knew all along
that window was the one
crazy window, it’s outta control
feeds me Swiss cheese
but without the holes

Oh, it’s creative
a creative liar
tells me simplicity’s real
as it sets my brain on fire

Preaches wholeness of mind
Focus on the soul
What I’d like to know
is where the window hides
those Swiss cheese holes

One day I’ll be free
I will break through
but don’t let that window
hear me saying this to you
that window’s crazy
it’s outta control
today it was cheddar
all full of holes

And they say it’s me
the unbalanced one
"Spiritual simplicity
is another planet’s sun"
I think to myself
‘neath the watchful window’s gaze
It’s doing it again
My head’s all ablaze
Crazy Window
A Creative Well
That goddamned window
can go to hell


I never met it but I don't like that window very much. In fact, I don't like it at all. Bricks are too good for that arsehole.

I skimmed over your other site the other day. I'll be sure to leave marks all over it. Enjoy the stillness. Enjoy the company.
Why does it seem that the most creative of our society are sometimes a little bit, well, off?

Artists, authors, poets, playwrights, etc. all seem to be just far enough out of the window for people to really notice.
That damn window. Sounds like my buddy The Mirror, who never shies away from showing me the truth and the error of my ways.

Just like a true friend.
What is this mysterious 'window' you speak of?

Is it like a forcefield?
yes, were i a greek god i would drop a mountain on it.

saw frida last night on my handydandy laptop dvd player, and she was indeed, a little off, and quite ingenious. and a commy. my kinda girl. she was not very noticed in her lifetime and now has a big big following. maybe they are just ahead of their time.

i love an hate mirrors because i am so vain, i probably think this song is about me, dont i?

berk, good to have you back. but a magician never reveals his secrets.
were i a greek god

Waaa… waa what? You mean you’re not?

Well, we have here now three subjects: The Greeks/Romans, painting and poetry. I would be negligent not to tie them all together.

Ut picture poesis said the Latin poet Horace.
[in a painting so in a poem]-From his On the Art of Poetry

Also, Simonides of Ceo’s maxim “painting is mute poetry; poetry a speaking painting”.

Aristotle, as well, also wrote a bit on this subject; however, I shall spare you the details…

So, there you have it. But nothing about windows.

Part II-Frida
The National Museum of Women in the Arts (here in DC) had an exhibit of her work in 2002, that I was lucky enough to see. Her work, the non self portraits, especially, was, I thought, most interesting. They also had a few works of Rivera in the show, which was a nice contrast to her work. I did notice that in the notes on the wall about the paintings there seemed to be an extraordinary amount of details about Rivera. So much, in fact, that I found it distracting, since it was a exhibit about her work. In a women’s museum no less.

Shortly after I saw the show, I cut out this article from a periodical. I was able to find it on line. A very good article.

Part III

Recently we had discussion about “Framing” the news. Thought you might enjoy this commentary from the Washington Times about this very subject.

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