Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sleeping Disturbed in Our Bed

Sleeping disturbed in our bed
princess of knowledge in our bed
What dreams have you so beholden?

you with knowledge filling your head
you who've seen from every angle
a tilting world inside your head

you who've seen through skilled deceit
of professional liars primed
for great political power
lay beholden to fantasy

Darkness and evil intention
assault your darkened slumber

What wound has slain your time of peace?
gave passage to nightmare demons

Who kidnapped your sweet good night?
you born a pastor's daughter
your mother a hunter too
a survivor of ditch-side snowstorms

You slayer of ignorance
challenger of assumption

you holder of rolled up sleeves
stockpiled productive muscles

brain-brawn master of high class
who thinks that slack is body sleep
who breaks only from exhaustion
who shares her energy with sun
vulnerable only in dark

The superhero's weakness
the antidote to her power
the wound left by some villain
the hole through which light escapes
the hole through which nightmares invade

slay your great knowledge and wit
left helpless gazing at victims
impaled by supposed saviours

Oh my sweet girl from the north
my Suomi princess divine

with the strength of thirteen others
with the knowledge of history
with the understanding of time
with the connection to youngness
with the addiction to newness
with the respect for agedness
with the visits to distant shores
with the ardent ears of a scribe

the original servant queen
ruler of the academy
ruler of kitchen things
student of male trivia

Hailed by the aristocracy
hailed by the ones who would be kings
were prejudiced exclusion
not a factor in all such things

Sleeping disturbed in our bed
princess of knowledge in our bed

pride is not what drives me to you
pride neither the reason I stay

though honoured by your listless arms
though honoured by idea flow
though honoured by inclusion

in your body-mind diversions
sleeping disturbed in our bed
princess of knowledge in our bed

Heart of good intentioned strength
shares energy with the sun
loves and is easily broken
letting in the darkness of night
demon nightmares of world gone wrong

your heart your single greatest strength
your heart your vulnerable part
your heart what drives me to you
your heart the reason I stay

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What IS she dreaming about, with all that experience of hers?

Was your other half keeping you awake so you might stumble upon this little gem?


I hear guitars, benji!!
Ultra, can't say what she's dreaming of, but perhaps, she being smarter than I and often more generous, it was indeed part of some sly yet benevolent plan.

Captain! My captain!! Glad you survived - what were the odds?
Well, talk about waking up in a hellish Hieronymus Bosch nightmare...

I wonder if, after this night if you would qualify to be a Heyoka? According to Lakota ledgend, those who, after being visited by Wakinyams (thunder beings) in a dream lived their lives backwards in order to be reminded that everything in nature has a double-perspective. Like rain brings nourishment and life to plants, but rain also brings destruction.
interesting stuff. i think dreams are also ways we deal with stuff that is too hard to handle when we're awake.
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