Friday, May 12, 2006

The Floetry Game

Here's how it works:

I write an email (from my work) to my wife (at her work) with a line like:

just contemplating the things that think

And she writes back with something like:

skating around on the hockey rink

And I write back and she writes back and before you know, blammo! cheesy poetry from a work-flow, floetry (yes, like the R&Bhiphop group). Here's the results. Cheesy, but funcheesy:

just contemplating the things that think
skating around on the hockey rink
all those intellectual jocks
pushing me into the penalty box

where I vent intellectual rage
breaking every pressure gauge
boxcar smoke from ears
salty hot frustrated tears

tossed beer on hair
and politics of laissez faire
i'm tired of this right wing bunk
lefties sometimes twice the skunk

i want to play for neither team
i want to swing both ways
i'm done with every world regime
taking up non-competitive play

i like families and value them too
i like animals free not in zoos
tradition isn't always sour
the old ways not so dour

but new is also often fun
trips kids into new realms
myopia can come undone
the system overwhelmed

these skates hurt my feet
they're made of deceit
the laces are too tight
their colour is too white


I like this game.

It seems to bear nutritious fruit.
with a little practice we might get nutricious AND delicious.
Very amusing, makes me wish I had access to e-mail at the job I have, because the fiance and I would end up alternating my dark depressing stuff back and forth with her talking about puppies or Care Bears or something.
So I was doing some reading of Hans Sachs last week…

Mein Freund, das grad’ is Dichters Werk,
Dass er sein Traumen deut’ und merk’.
Glaubt mir, des Menschen wahrster Wahn
Wird ihm Traume aufgethan;
All’ Dichtkunst und Poeterei
Ist nichts als Wahrtraum-Deuterei.

My friend, that is exactly the poet’s task,
To mark his dreams and attach meanings to them.
Believe me, man’s most profound illusions
are revealed to him in dreams;
and all versifying and poetizing
is nothing but an interpretation of them.

Of course, there are nonconforming views…Nietzsche said “We talk so abstractly about poetry, because we are all bad poets”.
mob, you two sound like an interesting pair. i love the contrast.

anon, by dreams i assume he meant the conscious variety. to nietsche i would say we are all great poets, but few of us are good readers of poetry.
Oh, I have to try this! Thanks for sharing. You and your wife are pretty talented together. Did you ever think of turning this into a real game? It sure beats Scrabble.
Thanks Sadie Lou. Miia and I are constantly making up and playing games, which is why I married her. At 30 we can still be kids.
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