Thursday, May 11, 2006

Business Cliche #29

FYI = I had to get this out of my inbox, you take it, feel free to do nothing about it or just pass it on to the next sucker.

So sucker, what's your favourite business cliche?

'Thought Shower'

This was a term that was formerly known as 'brain storming'. It was changed to avoid offending epileptics.

I kid you not.
'Diplomatic Consideration'

I can barely spell it, let alone understand the concept, which Starfleet command repeatedly try and explain to me whenever I defeat some unruly galactic minority.
Berk, as a thought-challenged individual I imagined you'd find Ultra's 'thought shower' rather offensive, no?
I don't think Berk understands what 'offensive' means, luckily for me.
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