Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Salt Lied

Back in October I spilled some salt that landed in the shape of NHL final standings. Except it turns out the salt lied. It was right on a couple of predictions, like the surprise success of Carolina and Buffalo, but WAAAY off on St. Louis. Stupid salt. Below in the left hand columns are my, er that is oh my what I meant was, the salt's predictions, and in the right hand column is reality. Go Habs!


1. Philadelphia ----Ottawa
2. Ottawa ----------Carolina
3. Tampa Bay -----New Jersey
4. Buffalo ----------Buffalo
5. Pittsburgh -------Philidelphia
6. Carolina ----------NY Rangers
7. Montreal ---------Montreal
8. NY Islanders -----Tampa Bay
9. New Jersey -------Toronto
10. Boston --------Atlanta
11. Toronto --------Florida
12. Florida --------NY Islanders
13. Atlanta ----------Boston
14. Washington ----Washington
15. NY Rangers ----Pittsburgh


1. Vancouver -------Detroit
2. San Jose --------Dallas
3. St. Louis ---------Calgary
4. Colorado -------Nashville
5. Detroit --------San Jose
6. Calgary ---------Anaheim
7. Columbus ------Colorado
8. Edmonton -----Edmonton
9. Dallas ---------Vancouver
10. Los Angeles --Los Angeles
11. Chicago -------Minnesota
12. Nashville -----Phoenix
13. Anaheim -----Columbus
14. Minnesota ----Chicago
15. Phoenix -------St. Louis

It goes to show you that salt isn't just bad for your heart, it's bad for your wallet if you're a gamblin' man.

A handfull of sugar tossed across the lino should alleviate some of your worries.
Sweet! Thanks for the 100% guar-an-teed magic bullet solution to all my problems. I've been looking for one for some time.
He used sarcasm to ward off the phoney salesman...Doused him with it good and proper.


Hockey is played on grass where I come from. Ice is manufactured in a freezer where I come from. Buffalo is a beast where I come from; one that doesn't come from where I come from. Carolina was a song sung by Shaggy with the prefix "Oh" where I come from.

P.S. I'm going to read that most recent post a bit later. I promise.
shaggy is often the first step toward a hangover where i come from.
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