Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Salt Gets Truthier

On the left, the salt's NBA Eastern Conference pre-season predictions; on the right, reality:

1. Miami---Detroit
2. Indiana---Miami
3. New Jersey---New Jersey
4. Detroit---Cleveland
5. Cleveland---Washington
6. Chicago---Indiana
7. Washington---Chicago
8. Milwaukee---Milwakee
9. Philidelphia---Philidelphia
10. Orlando---Orlando
11. Toronto---Boston
12. Boston---Toronto
13. New York---Charlotte
14. Atlanta---Atlanta
15. Charlotte---New York

The moral of this song: the salt is more honest about basketball, at least in the east.


So, Last night before I listened to the baseball game on the radio I knew that the birds were going to win. Well they did.

Tonight, I also say the birds will win.
took me a second to get that. i was in the middle of making a smartass remark about whose birds when i figured it out. but i still don't know who won last night.
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