Friday, April 07, 2006

The Rush of Rushdie

"The universe flexed its muscles and demonstrated its complete lack of interest in quarrels about its nature."
--Salman Rushdie from Shalimar the Clown, 2005

That wacky Rushdie with his superfine mistress.

A fine quote indeed, and a solemn reminder for those idiots that woefully prattle on about the dangers of bird flu to humans.

It's the birds i feel sorry for!
That's a nice piece of non-anthropocentric thinking, Ultra. I have another, much longer, quotation I'd like to post from Rushdie when I get a moment. It's the best articulation of paradox ever. The man is offthechart spectacular untouchable best writer.
I am under the impression that Mr. Rushdie is still a wanted man by some, well, Middle Eastern folks.

Here is interesting article about the same type of intimidation. Read it here

I went to the Orioles/Boston baseball game on Sunday. I am happy to report that, even in light of the PC attacks on flying the American flag, the national anthem was sung while the flag was displayed on the field.

However, if the attacks continue, I can foresee that by the time I attend the Blue Jays/O’s game August 20th I will only be listening to the Canadian anthem!
wow, i was under the impression that the washington times was a newspaper - thanks for correction!

let's hope soon nothing so beautiful as baseball will ever again have to be ruined by national anthems of any sort.
wow, i was under the impression that the washington times was a newspaper - thanks for correction!

I don’t believe that you would like the Times. It is a conservative paper. But, there is nothing wrong with that because they make no pretensions of being anything but.

Contrast this to the Washington Post, which attempts to pass itself off as an unbiased news source. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, I would see nothing wrong if the WaPo said “we are a left leaning paper written by and for liberals”. They should be honest about it.

Having a biased press is huge problem that we have in America right now. The press is no longer involved in reporting the news; rather they wish to set the agenda and report only news that furthers their particular agenda. And it is a very liberal agenda that they attempt to push.

The article I linked to is a perfect example. One would never see an article (or commentary) like this in the Washington Post. Yet, BB, even you just side step the article and attack the presenter of the news.

Boiled down to its basic facts the story is about a woman whose freedom to speak is being attacked by those who do not agree with her. What is even scarier is that liberal papers choose to ignore gross violations of freedom like this article points out.

let's hope soon nothing so beautiful as baseball...

I guess you’ve not been watching the same games as I have. Not much beauty in seeing the O’s get swept by Boston.

Then I was able to get into opening day for the Nationals. Placio Domingo sang the National Anthem. VP Cheney threw out the opening pitch (sad to say that he may be a better hunter than he is a baseball player...). And then somebody had to ruin it by inviting the Mets. 1-7; bad guys win.
What article? What I read was a one-sided tyrade about a bunch of mean crazies. There was no space given to the other side of the story from those "men and women dressed in distinctive Muslim clothing." What is there to comment on, really, other than the presentation?
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