Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Experts on Barry Bonds

Three really good pieces of writing on Barry Bonds are available by:

1. Chuck Klosterman
2. Dave Zirin
3. MC Hammer



I think you’ve got a broken link….same article shows up twice. It’s good, however.

they mostly help hitters (and pitchers) recover faster from workouts, which allows them to train harder and more often

Amen to that. I think I am at least twice as old as the posters in this blog. And recovery time is the single most bothersome thing about getting old.

Looking at Aarons stats makes his accomplishment even greater when you see just how long and he played and how productive he was. Without steroids.

But Bonds is going to pass him [Ruth]
Thank goodness that Aaron has already passed Ruth, so that those of us who are not happy about Bonds and steroid use will not be accused of not wanting it to happen because of race. Except, one could not help notice Hammer using the bloodhound reference.
thanks for pointing out the link problem - i'll have to post that dave zirin article later as i'm off to the land of freedumb for a long weekend ;-)
Are you telling me that some arsehole has started a blog pretending to be THE REAL MC HAMMER?

I'm onto it, BenjiB. I'm gonna give that kretin/Putin a piece of my colon (not the pitcher).
as i'm off to the land of freedumb for a long weekend ;-)

No more trips stateside for you! Why as soon as you left, Canada starting taking over our designs of World Domination and minority exploitation.

So please, visit the US all you want; but hands off the resource-rich impoverished countries. That’s the job of the US.

Part II

I think I’ve found the reason for the, well, “freedumb”. It has to do with books. Not the NEA and teachers unions protecting poor teachers. Not the lack of funds for schools. Not the fact that having the proper number of minorities in each class is more important than what the kids learn. It’s all about books.

It seems that a child from a family having 500 books at home scored 112 points higher than a family not having books at home. Well, it’s really not the books, but what the books represent, of course.

There is one little problem, however. “Having poetry books around is actively harmful by about the same amount.” [bolding mine] I guess the “Bohemian” lifestyle must cause the kids to become guitar-strumming, poetry-reading dreamers.

For those more intelligent folks living north of the border in the great white north, here is the full study (pdf file).

Poetry readers and US citizens can read the “dummy” version of the study here.
No AndyK, this is the real - forget it. Go get'im champ!

Sorry anon, but Canada's been a minor player in the exploitation game a long time now and we don't intend to quit until we're kicked out of the country by toothpick-wielding anarchists. Re: part II what are these 112 points? Will having them be worth the initial investment in these books you speak of, and the matches to burn my Dylan Thomas collection. Kids are so complicated eh?
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