Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I have always had this dream
to build me a house without stairs
Just a trampoline to break my fall

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That probably wouldn't break your fall at all.

In fact, it might accidentally bounce you right out into the front yard if you were particularly bleary eyed one morning and not concentrating.

You need a giant bean bag, my friend!
Or I could have a trampoline NEXT TO a giant bean bag.

And a ramp at the back for wheelchair accessibility and go-kart racing/jumping.
Best of luck with the trampoline, personally, it'd launch me onto the picket fence, causing me no end of woe.
Well, I see that 777 was crushed.

Nicely done, but still no prize.

But I do not understand who melissa goldstein is.

I will attack with economic posts later. I see that you do put capitalist, etc. threads in an attempt to provoke me.

I am too tired now. Perhaps in the future...
I have a trampoline in one of the cargo bays.

I'm the only one who uses it.

mob: ouch. That's food for thought.

Anon: MG is a friend who reminded me of my trampoline plans when she suggested we discuss trampolines during a long car ride.

Captain: Strange indeed. Perhaps your crew needs some training in fun.
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