Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sweet December

At last I can get this monkey off my back. Or at least 3 quarters of it (gross). After this I want to compile a master list, pare it down, synthesize, etc. Why am I boring you with this shit? This monkey has actually given me a lot of pleasure looking back on what was probably one of the best years of a very good life. Sometimes when I have my head down and am ploughing through mounds of paper like a carpal tunnel molerat, I forget the joy. This helps me remember, even here in my box:

60) Working with Heddy, what a sweet and great person.
61) Working with Shintu, what a sweet and great person.
62) Suokonautio xmas
63) Driving home through a 25-hour storm to melodious Nova Scotia, arriving just in time for xmaseve dinner with Gma and Gpa
64) All that usual but always great xmas stuff with both sides of the family, xmas day stockings and whatnot
65) Dinner and games with Scott and Christine, two incredibly sweet and great people
66) New Year's Eve with the craziest family in the universe, pingpong, midnight buffet (after our 10 pm feast), dancing, fuzball

And that's it for last year: 66 of my favourite memories.



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