Monday, March 06, 2006

September 05 Highlights

40) Hitching to Fredericton, local hostel, breakfast with Nikki
41) Ride to Montreal with two very cool francophone Somali women
42) First down...Mont-ray-al! Plus free accomodations in a castle, French food, foreign film, strolling around killing time in one of my favourite cities to visit
43) Train ride to Toronto
44) Mom and Dad's first visit to me in the T-dot
45) The party that rocked the world, largest buffet table ever, hiphop dance lessons, 200 of our closest friends
46) Cousins Tom and Pat who live in Scarborough yet I hadn't seen Tom in 20 years (nor have I seen him since, damn)
47) Derek & Alix's wedding
48) Stillwater Spa him & her massage
49) Giving Salman Rushdie a copy of 'The Obtuse Angel of Irreversible Alterations (and Irresistable Alliterations)'


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