Wednesday, March 08, 2006

November 05 Highlights!

54) Ingrid's return to Grapefruit Moon
55) Dinner at Jyotsna and Sumit's - homemade Indian food, mmm
56) Watching myself on CBC news at the Pilonszalas house
57) Dinner at Sandra, Edwin, & Jose Pablo's and meeting little Samuel
58) Completion of first diversity training
59) Watching Miia in the women's basketball finals


You stupid fucking dumbshit canadian. You are a wad of fuck.
well said, that's a very articulate insult, eh?
Your words:
Since my first post here my own little blog of random thoughts has received a few very nasty, though mostly inarticulate, comments insulting me and threatening violence. Those insults focus on my nationality, - I'm insulted for being a Canadian and that's just fucking weird, dudes. There was also a comment that implied that I'm a homosexual and that this is bad.

Where is there a threat of violence?

Where is there an implication that you are a homosexual?

Nothing wrong with calling you a canadian, because, well, you are.
But I would not like to have to admit that either....
a male sucking a dick is a homosexual act, so talking about dick-sucking in such a way implies homosexuality. the vulgar terminology coupled with phrases like "stupid fucking dumbshit" imply that these things are negative, expose your own homophobia and bigotry, agains, gasp, Canadians. whoever you are, you are one bizarre bigot with too much time on your hands.
Umm... I was just going to say that I'm really fond of the name Miia (especially with two 'i's) and that I'm seriously thinking about it being the name of my first daughter to be born.

Perhaps I'm putting a wet blanket over this exchange you've got going, BenjiB.

Apologies if that's the case.
well i must admit, andy, that yours is the brightest light in this sharp exchange.

your comment especially cracks me up because my wife's mission in life seems to be to get someone to name their first-born after her. The name is finnish and its meaning has something to do with water.
Now I understand which language your insult was in over at my pad. Finnish, eh...
insult? I think perhaps you've misunderstood the Finnish word bitch to be the English female dog. The Finnish word bitch is, to anglicize, pronouned beet-kaha, and means respected membed of the clan of the elk. So my finnish sentence would read: I had a very good time here, respected elk.
It was, perhaps, the five exclamation points and .jpg of someone's raised middle finger that threw me.

BTW, instead of finding your site through FWS and navigation via your comments, I'm just going to link to your Finnish writing site, whether that disturbs you or not.

Take that!
Interestingly enough there is another Finnish word with unfair negative anglo connotations: masochist, pronounced mas-o-ca-ha-eest-oo. Such a link would inspire glad tidings.
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