Thursday, March 02, 2006

Must..get..thru...highlights - August 05!

34) Stag & 'Doe' in NS at Dooley's Pool Hall
35) Swimming in Barrett Lake, crokinole, canned beer, hoops, sunshine
36) You know, the wedding
37) The hotel, ultimate fighting championships
38) Honeymoon in Cape Breton, hurricane winds and sandwiched tents, lightning storms over the ocean, hellacious hike into paradise where were seen pilot WHALES!, eagles, wild horses, roving maritimers, a naked red-headed upper canadian, seals, making love in the afternoon sunshine in the grass by a river, swimming in the ocean, an Ethiopean Indo-Canadian Caper with a slingshot for a wedding gift, sweat-lodging, smuggler's cove rum
39) hitting the open road with our thumbs out

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